Since being rescued, this homeless cat has not stopped hugging everyone he meets.

McCheeks is a 2 year old kitten who was rescued from the streets by the Best Friends Animal Society of Los Angeles. With his adorable demeanor, this small kitty named after him in honor of his cheeks has won everyone’s heart.

McCheeks joined the group, and one of the members, Diana Barber, recognized him and informed her coworker Samantha Bell, who has a soft spot for homeless cats.

“He was meowing nicely at me and stroking the bars when I stepped over to his cage.”

When Samantha first opened the cage, McCheeks instantly cuddled up to her face and began purring.

Samantha stated, ”

“Not only was he attractive, but he was also very compassionate.”

The cute kitten’s face emanated joy; he is very sociable, trusting, carefree, and, above all, kind.

Samantha stated, ”

“He melts in your arms and hugs you back when you lift him up.”

When the other cats were being fed, McCheeks would cry, and if no one was paying attention to him, he would meow until someone was.

Samantha stated, ”

“If you hold a treat in your hand, he will accept it.”

On its Facebook page, the group stated:

“…We should seriously consider renaming him McLovin since he has so much love to give.”


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