A cat was abandoned in the cold outside shelter with a note taped to her carrier.

On Sunday morning, Ruth Rickard, deputy manager of Gables Farm Dogs and Cats Home, was opening the facility when she noticed a pet carrier resting outside the shelter – and instantly recognized it contained a cat.

The poor cat was scrunched up within the container with no blankets or any comforts. The carrier was moist and chilly, and there was a towel on top of it, indicating that the poor cat had been out there for several hours, if not longer.

Rickard told The Dodo, “When I discovered her, she simply looked afraid and freezing, and she was really tiny.”

A message from the cat’s previous owner was also affixed to the carrier. Her owner said in the letter that the cat had chronic diarrhea and refused to use a litter box. Because the owner felt the cat was unwell and didn’t know what to do, the animal was left outside the shelter.

Rickard promptly brought the cat inside to be examined, and the shelter’s staff gave her the name Dusty Bin. Dusty was terrified at first, and all she wanted to do was hide from everyone as she attempted to adjust to her new circumstances. She was terribly frail and weighed far less than a 3-year-old cat should.

As she settled in, the shelter realized she wasn’t as as unwell as her prior owner had assumed.

Rickard stated, “According to the letter, she has chronic diarrhea and does not use a litter pan.” “She is using her litter boxes, eating well, and has no diarrhea at our excellent non-euthanasia organization.”

Additional tests will be performed to ensure Dusty’s total health, but the team is optimistic that she will be ready to find her loving permanent home in two to three weeks. Dusty’s prior owner is still being sought by the shelter’s staff, who wishes he had taken her in instead of dumping her outside.

Source: petstv.net

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