Feline with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome thrives in loving homes with devoted owners. ‎

Georgina Price and Christopher Lardner experienced the heartache of losing their first adopted feline, Herbie, a 16-year-old rescue cat. This brief companionship, although short-lived, deeply affected them. The couple, inspired by this experience, opened their hearts to another cat in need. Their story, originally shared on Instagram and highlighted by meow.af, reflects their journey.

Driven by the plight of shelter animals nearing the end of their lives, Georgina and Christopher embarked on a mission to find a cat facing difficulties in securing a permanent home. Their search led them to Toby and Quinton, two endearing cats listed on the RSPCA website. Quinton, a 7-year-old black and white cat without teeth, and Toby, a 6-year-old cat with a significant amount of loose skin, were advertised as a bonded duo. Georgina and her family chose to adopt both, finding it a more meaningful gesture than adopting just one.

Toby’s unique condition, diagnosed as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) or feline cutaneous asthenia (FCA), was a new discovery for Georgina. This genetic disorder results in excessively stretchy, fragile skin due to collagen deficiency. The couple’s visit to the RSPCA revealed both cats’ timid nature, with Toby, in particular, showing significant fear.

Despite Toby’s initial skittishness, Georgina and Christopher felt ready to care for a cat with special needs. They went ahead with the adoption, optimistic about their ability to provide for both cats. The credit for the images goes to tummyandgummy.

Adjusting to their new home took time for Toby and Quinton. At first, they hid under the bed for weeks, but gradually, they began to settle in. Now, they confidently claim their new space, showing typical feline behavior.

Toby’s delicate skin condition, which leaves him prone to injuries even from grooming or playing, is a concern for his owners. They worry about the added weight from his loose skin causing joint issues. Georgina also shares her relief that her son’s hypermobility, a similar condition, is manageable. They take precautions to prevent injuries to Toby, who relies on Quinton, their dog, for assistance with grooming, especially around any wounds.

Georgina and Christopher take measures to safeguard Toby, like preventing him from jumping from heights and maintaining his nails. They’re delighted to have Toby and Quinton as part of their family. Toby, despite his condition, enjoys typical cat activities like bird watching and playing, and he adores belly rubs.

Georgina shares Toby’s story to raise awareness about his rare condition and to encourage more people to adopt special needs cats. She emphasizes that caring for these animals is not overly demanding and that they are wonderful, loving pets with unique personalities.

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