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Meet Niu Nai, a charmingly fluffy black feline with a unique genetic trait – two different coloured eyes! The cat’s owner shared videos of Niu Nai’s captivating gaze on social media, garnering attention for the condition known as heterochromia iridis. This rare occurrence is typically found in white cats due to low melanin levels, and is passed down through genes. Niu Nai’s name translates to “milk” in Mandarin, making this adorable kitty even sweeter!

The owner of the cat, which is named Niu Nai, meaning milk in mandarin, shared videos of the moggy to social media showing its colourful eyes

The individual who possesses a feline named Niu Nai, which is Mandarin for milk, has posted various videos of the cat on social media showcasing its stunningly hued eyes. The pigment melanin plays a significant role in determining skin coloration. Initially, kittens are born with blue eyes, but as they mature, the melanin shifts to their irises, which alters their eye color. By the time they reach 12 weeks of age, their eye color will have become permanent. Depending on the melanin quantities present, their eyes may remain blue or transform into a combination of hues like green, brown, or yellow. In this video, the owner of the cat exhibits the size and shape of Niu Nai’s eyes while exposing it to differing levels of illumination.

Known as heterochromia iridis, or odd-eyed, the condition is passed down through genes and usually affects white cats as it's connected to low melanin levels

Heterochromia iridis, also known as odd-eyed, is a genetic condition that is commonly found in white cats due to low levels of melanin. This results in one eye having a different color than the other. As the pupils dilate, the amount of visible color decreases. The Japanese Bobtails, Khao Manee, Oriental Shorthair, Persian, Sphync, Turkish Angoras, and Turkish Vans are among those breeds with this characteristic. In one charming video, a cat with heterochromia iridis is seen enjoying a warm bath. In some Instagram posts by cat owners, the blue eye may show a red-eye effect because the layer of melanin over the blue eye removes certain colors of light, causing it to appear red in pictures.

As its pupils dilate the amount of colour that can be seen lessens. And in one adorable clip the cat is seen enjoying a warm bath

The cat’s colorful vision slowly fades as its pupils enlarge. A cute video captures the feline enjoying a cozy bath.

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