Until assistance arrives, a mother cat guards her kittens in the backyard.

A loving, mama cat was trying her best to keep her four kittens safe while living as strays in the Bronx, New York City.

Their living situation was unstable and unsafe, but the stray was determined to keep her babies safe.

Guarding them in a dirty backyard, she was anxious and desperate for help.

Luckily, a rescue organisation came to her aid and changed her and her babies’ lives forever.

Little Wanderers NYC is a rescue group in New York City which focuses on rescuing “the neediest cats in the toughest areas of NYC.”

When they received news about the mama cat in the Bronx with four young kittens, they knew that they had to save her and her babies.

A volunteer a Little Wanderers, Ariana, immediately jumped into action and went to bring the little family to safety.

After several hours of searching the neighbourhood in which they’d been spotted, Ariana finally laid eyes on the stray.

Unfortunately, the mama was very scared of people and ran off before Ariana could bring her to safety.

Ariana was relieved to at least be able to find and rescue all the little kittens, but she knew that she had to save their mother too.

She’d worked so hard to keep her babies safe, but she also deserved to be safe and cared for.

Before leaving the area and getting the kittens to safety, Ariana set a safe, humane trap for the stray with the intention of returning the next morning and hopefully being able to save her.

The next morning, Ariana returned to find the stray safe and sound inside the trap.

She brought the stray with her, excited to reunite her with her babies who’d been well taken care of by Antionette, another volunteer at the rescue.

Antionette had brought the little kittens home with her and made sure to get them clean, deflead, fed, and comfortable.

The kittens were very happy to be pampered and despite having lived on the streets, they were healthy and active and loved exploring their new foster home.

The mama cat did not fully trust the humans who rescued her, but was overjoyed when she was reunited with her kittens.

The kittens were thrilled to see their mother and rushed over to her side.

The stray was given the name Remony, and though it took a while, she slowly began to feel more comfortable around humans.

“I know she feels safe from her body language, but she is going to take more time to get acclimated to people,” Antoinette explained in an interview with Love Meow.

The kittens were named Savannah, Sterling, Sutton and Silas, and the little quartet is loving their new life.

Now, Remony and her kittens are thriving and enjoying life in foster care. And the kittens are growing bigger and more adventurous each day.

They love playing and exploring, and the little family finally has everything they need to be safe and happy.

Remony can finally relax, knowing that her kittens will be okay, and the kittens are so happy to have been reunited with their loving mommy.

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