Cat Finds Her Soulmate and Looks absolutly Different From When She Lived Outside

Cat Looks Completely Different From When She Lived Outside, Finds a Soulmate to Spend Life with

A cat looks completely different from when she lived outside and has found a soulmate to spend her life with.

fluffy orange white cat

Fuzzy BiscuitsAndreaChristian

An orange and white cat had spent the first two years of her life living outside. The harsh realities of the outdoors had taken a toll on her scrawny body. She was in rough shape, desperately needing intervention.

An animal rescuer was able to save her and bring her to Andrea Christian, a foster volunteer of St Francis Society Animal Rescue. The cat named Fuzzy Biscuits (aka Fuzzy) had birthed multiple litters over the years and was finally spayed.

She settled into her comfortable foster room, receiving the care and nourishment she needed to recover and restore her fluffy coat.

rescued cat fence

Fuzzy was in poor shape when she was rescuedAndreaChristian

Fuzzy suffered from mange that covered her body and needed regular treatment, cleaning, and combing. She drank copious amounts of water, polished all her dishes, and slept soundly for hours.

She took everything in stride, and her skin started to heal quickly. The only thing she craved, besides food, was a constant companion.

cat fuzzy skinny

She quickly started to heal in foster careAndreaChristian

Not far from Fuzzy, under the same roof, there was another foster cat named Mystic, recovering from the same affliction. On a hunch, Andrea decided to put them together. It was love at first sight.

Mystic immediately took a liking to Fuzzy, rubbing against her, and was head over heels for her.

cat mange transformation

Mystic: (Left) when he was rescued; (right) while he was in foster careAndreaChristian

Fuzzy was enamored, basking in his affection and filling the room with her rumbling purrs.

“She is so good with him. She purrs and purrs as he loves all over her. It is like a Harlequin Romance Novel waiting to be written,” Andrea shared.

snuggly cat happy

It was love at first sight. They became instant best friendsAndreaChristian

“Together, they healed one another on the inside and outside.”

Fuzzy became more curious and playful now that she had a roommate to keep her company. When she caught a mouse toy from another room, she carried it to Mystic to share the fun.

cat playful mouse toy

Fuzzy and her catch, the blue mouse toyAndreaChristian

With proper care and boundless food, Fuzzy’s hair gradually grew back, and her coat turned silky and shiny. Her once bony frame was filled out with sleek muscle.

“We caught these two sharing a moment while watching TV.”

best friends snuggly cats

They adore each other and are inseparableAndreaChristian

At home, the two shower each other with snuggles, curled up in a bed together without a care in the world. But when they are at an adoption event, Mystic shuts down, burying his face into Fuzzy for comfort.

After half a year in foster care, they hope their happily-ever-after is right around the corner.

best friends cats snuggles


Fuzzy has blossomed into a gorgeous cat with a thick, luscious coat. She has a voracious appetite and is always on the lookout for food.

While Mystic begs people for snuggles, Fuzzy likes to jump on the counter and sneak any snack she can scour.

fluffy orange cat christmas

Fuzzy has blossomed into a gorgeous fluffy catAndreaChristian

They’re perfectly in sync, even for nap schedules. Fuzzy conks out, and Mystic is right there beside her in no time.

“He turned and pushed and wiggled his way in next to her. She is very patient with him.”

snuggly sleeping cats


The two have come a long way since they were rescued. “They love everyone and are both such good cats. They are like a couple from a cute fairy tale.”

cats snuggling grooming

Best of friendsAndreaChristian

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