Meet Barnaby, the Persian Cat with a Perpetual Coffee-Ready Expression. (Explore more 👇👇)

Cats have unique physical characteristics and personalities. Barnaby, a Persian cat, is fluffy with melancholic eyes, a permanent frown, and sleeps for 20 hours a day. Despite his happy life, he appears bored and gloomy due to his upside-down smile. As a house cat, Barnaby’s expression may seem monotonous, but he can pull off various looks, including the “I woke up early” or “I’ve been asleep for years” impression, the “bad hair day” and the popular “pleas gib” among felines. Check out more of his photos on Instagram.

Barnaby is a chilled out and introverted feline who only craves pets when he feels like it. He spends most of his time snoozing and lounging in various corners of the house, munching on his favorite treats, and generally being an average cat. You’ll be surprised at how much you can relate to him!


The owner of Barnaby shared some additional information with Bored Panda about their adorable and somewhat melancholic fluffy feline. Barnaby is turning 5 years old in May and was the only cat in the household until his little sister joined them last year, but he wasn’t too thrilled about it. He has a very pampered lifestyle and spends most of his time sleeping, averaging around 20 hours a day. His favorite spot to nap is on his mom’s chair during the day, which means his mom has to sit on the floor if she wants to sit down. Barnaby can be quite picky when it comes to affection and only likes to receive pets when he’s in the mood. Despite his quirks, his family loves him dearly.



























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