Peppa the Cat Starts to Shine Knowing She’ll Never Have to Return to the Outdoors

Peppa the cat started to shine knowing she would never have to return to the outdoors.

sweet cat peppa

Peppa the catPuppyKittyNYCity

Peppa the cat was in a city shelter and scheduled to be released back to the streets after she was spayed. Meagan of PuppyKittyNYCity was contacted about the friendly cat, and knew she “couldn’t let that happen”.

Despite having her hands full, Meagan offered to take Peppa into her rescue and personally foster her. Peppa was treated for a severe upper respiratory infection and cared for by a wonderful veterinary team.

“I knew she was going to be okay once she saw our amazing vet who does everything to save our animals,” Meagan told Love Meow.

cat nasal deformity

Peppa was rescued from a city shelterPuppyKittyNYCity

Peppa was born with a nasal deformity and flat-chested syndrome. She also showed signs of having given birth in the past. Despite it all, she was in good spirits, eager for affection and didn’t let anything hold her back.

With proper care, good food, and plenty of TLC, Peppa healed, regained strength, and could breathe with ease again.

peppa cleft nose

She was an instant love-bug when she arrived at her foster homePuppyKittyNYCity

Peppa was elated to have a room all to herself at her foster home after having spent a considerable amount of time in a kennel.

She toured around her new space and was content with the peace and quiet, bountiful food and all the amenities. Peppa was immediately intrigued by the toys strewn about the room.

playful cat peppa

Her personality started to shine when she discovered cat toysPuppyKittyNYCity

In no time, she started playing and wrestling with them, showing off her endearing personality.

“Her personality is super special. She is very sassy and sweet. She demands attention and is always purring and looking for love,” Meagan shared with Love Meow.

happy peppa cat

She turns into mush and purrs up a storm whenever she is pettedPuppyKittyNYCity

Peppa would grab Meagan’s hand and rub her face on it over and over, as if she was starved of love. She would climb onto her lap for more snuggles and extra time to be with her foster mom.

A few head scritches would send Peppa into paradise and activate her loud purr motor. “She’s about eight years old. However long she’d be in your life will probably never be enough just because she is so amazing.”

cat holds hand

Peppa demanded her foster mom’s attention by grabbing her handPuppyKittyNYCity

Over the next few weeks, Peppa’s inner kitten came out whenever she chased after toys or zoomed around the room. She would hop and pounce nonstop until she tired out.

But as soon as she heard Meagan’s voice, she would come running for love.

peppa cat nose cleft

She is playing like a kitten againPuppyKittyNYCity

After roaming the streets, likely having litter after litter, and being in a kennel, Peppa blossomed into a happy, healthy love-bug in foster care. “When we say fostering saves lives we mean it. By fostering, it opens up a spot for a homeless animal.”

A few days ago, Peppa’s dream came true when she was adopted into a wonderful home with a family that adores her to bits.

sweet cat peppa

Peppa has found her forever homePuppyKittyNYCity

“I’ll never forget the first picture I saw of Peppa. She is such a perfect cat,” Meagan shared. “It’s bitter sweet but I will be able to help many more cats like Peppa. I will love and miss her forever.”

happy cat peppa nose


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