Man Spots Two Kittens Running Around Building and Ends Up Caring for Them with the Help of a Dog

A man spotted two kittens running around the building and ended up caring for them with the help of a dog.

tabby kitten hugs dog

Kizzy’s Place

Tom, an EMT, was on his shift at Galloway Township Ambulance Squad in New Jersey, when he spotted two tiny dots (that looked like kittens) on camera, chasing each other around the building.

As an animal lover, Tom made a mental note to keep an eye out for the kittens. The next morning, when his partner went to start her car, he wanted to check to make sure that no animals were in there.

When he popped the hood open, lo and behold, a kitten was sitting on top of the car engine. Within seconds, the little one turned around and was about to flee into the engine bay.

kitten car engine

Two stray kittens were found and rescued from a carKizzy’s Place

Tom quickly grabbed the kitten before he was able to dive in, but the tabby was holding onto the car for dear life.

Tom managed to pry him off and bring him inside, getting a few scratches in the process. They waited around until they located the second kitten and got him out of the car, this time, with the help of a heavy duty glove.

kitten car engine

Kizzy’s Place

“Tom put them in a box with a pink hospital blanket, and Emily, his girlfriend and a volunteer with Kizzy’s Place, picked them up from his work,” Danielle, a volunteer of Kizzy’s Place, told Love Meow.

They brought the kittens home and gave them a comfortable space and plenty of soft things to snuggle with.

EMT rescues kitten

Tom, an EMT, rescued the kittens. He and his girlfriend, Emily, took them in to fosterKizzy’s Place

The tabbies whom they named Buddy and Wally, quickly came out of their shells when they realized they were safe.

Emily reached out to her rescue and offered to foster the kittens until they were ready for adoption. Her cat-friendly dog Arya heard about the newcomers, and a meet-and-greet was in order.

tabby kittens brothers

Buddy and Wally the kittensKizzy’s Place

Wally was instantly smitten with Arya when they were introduced, and just wanted to be loved on by his canine friend. He rubbed his face all over her and followed her around the room.

“He went out of his way to meet Arya.”

dog kitten tabby

Wally met Arya the resident dog and was instantly smittenKizzy’s Place

“The kittens blossomed in foster care, especially since they discovered toys. Buddy loves string and Wally loves stuffed animals and toys with bells,” Danielle shared with Love Meow.

“Buddy is still a bit shy — a perfect counterpart to bold and outgoing Wally. They are obsessed with food and do not like sharing their bowl.”

lap kittens snuggling

The bonded brothers are loving their VIP life with their foster parents, Tom and EmilyKizzy’s Place

The feline brothers enjoy hanging out with Arya the dog and snuggling with their foster parents on their lap.

They are so happy to be away from the elements of the outdoors and no longer have to worry about food and shelter.

tabby kittens dog

They enjoy the company of their canine friend AryaKizzy’s Place

Emily and Tom adore the tabby boys and are glad that they were saved just in time.

The couple advocate the importance of “checking under the hood of your car in the morning, especially after cold nights.”

tabby kittens, wally buddy

Kizzy’s Place

The bonded pair still have a lot of growing to do until they are big enough for adoption (around early December). Now, they have loving foster parents to cater to their every whim and a canine kitten-sitter to keep them company.

tabby kittens dog

Kizzy’s Place

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