Kitten With Many Extra Beans Like His Cat Mother Figures Out How to Jump and Climb Like a Champ

A kitten with many toe beans just like his cat mother has figured out how to jump and climb like a champ.

extra toes kitten cat

Summer the kitten and Sarasota the cat momAlley Cat Rescue

Sarasota the cat and her only kitten Summer were brought into an animal shelter in Los Angeles. The kitten took after his mom (a polydactyl) with extra toes on both front and back paws.

Staff noticed right away that Summer’s back legs were splayed out to the sides as a result of a congenital condition called Swimmer’s Syndrome. They reached out to Alley Cat Rescue for assistance as they had experience working with kittens like Summer.

Alley Cat Rescue took them into their care and began daily massages and stretching exercises on the young feline.

kitten splayed legs

Summer was born with swimmer’s syndrome where his back legs were splayed out laterallyAlley Cat Rescue

Summer was unable to walk on his hind legs when he arrived, but he tried his utmost to push himself forward.

“We massaged his tendons, did some small taping sessions to help him, as well as provided a whole lot of love, games, and pets to encourage him to exercise those little legs as much as he could,” Alley Cat Rescue shared with Love Meow.

kitten belly rubs

He got daily massages and stretching exercises to help strengthen his legsAlley Cat Rescue

Mama Sarasota was always nearby, watching and cheering her baby on as he worked on strengthening his back limbs.

The sweet cat mom felt right at home with her foster family as if she knew they were in good hands. She would rub up their legs to greet them every time they entered the room.

cat with extra toes

Sarasota is a polydactyl and so is her kittenAlley Cat Rescue

In just a few days, Summer showed remarkable improvements and was able to stand up on all fours, balance, and even walk a little.

He got stronger each day and felt lighter on his feet. Once Summer honed his walk and perfected his gait, mama Sarasota started encouraging him to move around more by leading him.

extra toes kitten

Summer took after his mom in the amount of toe beansAlley Cat Rescue

She would saunter up to her foster mom for attention and Summer would follow suit. The kitten liked to watch his mom and try to mimic her every movement.

Watch Summer and Sarasota in this cute video: the kitten and Sarasota the

At four weeks old, Summer reached yet another milestone when he made an escapade from the comfort of his kitty suite, all the way to the top of a cat tree.

kitten cat tree

Alley Cat Rescue

“He climbed out his playpen and started on smaller cat trees, but climbed up the big ones. All this exercise was great for him building muscles on his back legs and helping him overcome Swimmer’s Syndrome.”

Sarasota was so proud that she hopped on the tree to give him a nudge of praise.

polydactyl cat toes

Big toe beans and small toe beansAlley Cat Rescue

Now, Summer no longer appears to have trouble with his legs and zooms through the room with his mom, following in her paw-steps.

“Sarasota is so playful, super affectionate, and loves people. She is a very sweet mom, and Summer is a tough little guy. They both enjoy climbing, jumping and playing together,” Alley Cat Rescue shared with Love Meow.

polydactyl cat, cat with thumbs

Alley Cat Rescue

The mother and son duo are having the time of their lives running around, climbing things with their excellent grip strength, and seeking attention and affection from their people whenever they come into the room.

kitten with extra toes

Alley Cat Rescue

Summer is rocking his extra toe beans with his mother everywhere they go. They have a matching set of mittens and a penchant for climbing and playing. “They are so sweet together!”

cat mom and kitten extra toes

Alley Cat Rescue

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