Kitten Runs Around without Sight and Finds a Cat To Look Out for Him as His New Mother

A kitten who runs around without sight, has found a cat to look out for him as his new mother.

fluffy ginger kitten blind

Amigo the kittenBest Friends Felines

A few weeks ago, a little orange kitten was brought into an animal clinic in Brisbane, AU for a chance at a better life.

Dr. Georgia from the clinic received a call from someone asking to surrender a kitten with “eye issues”. When he was dropped off, she realized that the kitten had microphthalmia, a developmental abnormality of the eyes.

She reached out to a local cat rescue, Best Friends Felines, and asked if they could help the little guy. “I didn’t hesitate to say, ‘I’ll take him,’ so we organized to pick him up the next day,” Nikki of Best Friends Felines shared.

fluffy ginger kitten amigo

Best Friends Felines

The fluffy kitten whom they named Amigo, was a bit shy and unsure at first. With a quiet and comfortable place to stay, he began to warm up to his people.

It appears that one of his eyes has no vision, and he can’t see much through the other eye. His condition doesn’t seem to bother him at all, as he goes around the room, mapping every corner and playing to his heart’s content.

playful kitten blind amigo

He is gaining confidence each dayBest Friends Felines

“He is getting lots of love, gaining confidence every day, and learning that humans aren’t so bad.”

Amigo settled beautifully into his new space, but needed a friend to keep him company. A rescued cat named Smokey was brought in to have a meet-and-greet with the tabby boy. She immediately took him in as her own.

ginger blind kitten amigo

He can’t see much at all but it doesn’t faze himBest Friends Felines

Smokey was once someone’s pet but sadly left behind to roam the outdoors until a Good Samaritan found her.

She arrived at the rescue heavily pregnant and in need of a place to raise her babies. She was so thankful to have a roof over her head and plenty of food to eat.

cat mom kittens

Smokey the cat and her babiesBest Friends Felines

She raised her litter into healthy, happy young cats, and they quickly found their forever homes. Three weeks later, Smokey continued to wait for her happily-ever-after.

When Smokey met Amigo, a blind lone kitten, she just came running to him.

beautiful grey cat smokey

Best Friends Felines

“She has decided that Amigo is her new baby now, so she looks out for him and grooms him. He can still be a little on the scaredy-cat side, and loud noises can startle him,” Nikki shared.

Smokey will come join him in the cat bed and snuggle right next to him, so he won’t feel alone.

cat kitten snuggling

Smokey decided to raise Amigo as her ownBest Friends Felines

“He can’t see much at all, and he often bumps into walls and objects, but it doesn’t seem to faze him.”

With reassurance from Smokey and plenty of cuddles from foster carers, Amigo is getting braver and more adventurous. He turns into mush when Smokey dotes on him or sits next to him.

blind kitten snuggles cat

Best Friends Felines

When the kitten romps around the room and plays with toys, Smokey is always nearby watching over him.

Amigo climbed up the cat tower all by himself and found a comfy ledge to chill on.

playful blind kitten amigo

He climbed up the cat tower and was so proudBest Friends Felines

The little blind kitten has grown in size and confidence. He no longer shies away from people and is eager for their attention and cuddles.

He is so happy to have a new mom who caters to him, and other foster kittens to play with.

sleeping ginger kitten

Best Friends Felines

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