Kitten Running Away from Rescuers for 20 Days Finally Moves Indoors, Within 24 Hours, Everything Changes

A kitten who was running away from rescuers for 20 days, finally moved indoors. Within 24 hours, everything changed.

fluffy orange tabby kitten

Bobbie the kittenExploitsValleySPCA

Animal rescuers of Exploits Valley SPCA responded to a plea to get a stray cat and her kittens to safety. The cat mom managed to keep her kittens safe and warm during the bitter cold temperatures.

They were able to rescue the cat and two of her kittens, but the third littermate escaped before they had a chance to catch him. While the two kittens began socialization in a foster home, rescuers continued to look for the remaining sibling.

The momma cat turned out to be very friendly and quickly blossomed indoors. “Her babies are semi-feral after being raised in the wild. They haven’t had human interaction,” Exploits Valley SPCA shared.

fluffy orange kitten


Volunteers never stopped searching for the elusive kitten who kept evading everyone and refused to be caught. In the meantime, his two siblings learned to trust and eventually found their forever home together.

After about 20 days and lots of patience, they finally got the last kitten off the street. The long-haired orange tabby was very timid and wary of people at the shelter, but his demeanor would soon change in foster care.

scared orange kitten


He was placed in a quiet room with soft blankets and plenty of food. His foster mom gave him the time and space he needed to decompress. The kitten was so shy that he stood in one spot and didn’t dare explore the space.

When his foster mom gently petted him on his head, he was startled at first, but soon his fear was supplanted by a sense of comfort washing over him.

semiferal kitten orange

Bobbie went from hissing at his foster mom to enjoying head scritches from herExploitsValleySPCA

He didn’t hiss any more after that and began to truly enjoy being petted.

The kitten was lovingly named Bobbie McGee. Once he warmed up to his foster mom, he went on to have several cuddle sessions while being wrapped in a soft blanket for added comfort.

orange kitten purrito


The worries in his eyes melted away, and he started slow-blinking and purring, and even closed his eyes to revel in the petting.

The next day, Bobbie was a completely different kitten, walking with his tail held high. He was eager for attention and head scritches from his foster mom.

kitten snuggler


“Usually kittens caught later are even more feral due to surviving outside, but Bobbie is the opposite,” Exploits Valley SPCA said.

“He was scared when he arrived at the shelter but has quickly settled into his foster home, purring up a storm and loving every bit of attention he can get.”

happy snuggly kitten

After just one day, Bobbie came out of his shell and wanted snugglesExploitsValleySPCA

In just 24 hours, Bobbie mustered up the courage to trust, and turned into a total love-bug. “He is making up for lost time. He absolutely loves attention, even reaches out for more.”

Now, the tabby boy demands belly rubs by plopping down on his side or rolling on his back. He likes to wrap his arms around his people for big bear hugs.

kitten cuddly bobbie

He loves giving bear hugsExploitsValleySPCA

He is no longer that scaredy cat that they met on day one. Bobbie has bloomed into a full-fledged snuggler and a little attention-seeker.

fluffy kitten snuggly bobbie

Holding pawsExploitsValleySPCA

“Bobbie is looking for a quiet home that will give him lots of attention, preferably one with another cat who would love him since he loves them so much.”

kitten belly rubs bobbie


“He is a special and lucky little kitten to have survived all that time alone. He is so lovable after only one day in foster care. What a little character who will make his future family very happy.”

happy orange tabby bobbie



Bobbie has been adopted!

ginger kitten cat bed


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