Kitten Found Lying in Bushes Alone Now Has Warm Sheets and Laps to Sit on

A kitten who was found lying in the bushes alone, now has warm sheets and laps to sit on.

tabby kitten bed sheets

Titub the kittenCeline @comrescuemontreal

A family from Montreal, Canada heard what sounded like a cat outside their house early this month. They went out to investigate when the crying persisted.

They traced the sound all the way to the bushes where they discovered a lone kitten meowing incessantly for help. The weather was very cold at night, so the family decided to scoop him up and bring him inside.

They attempted to feed him but quickly realized that the tabby would need more care than they could provide.

kitten in blankets

He was found in the bushes all by himselfCeline @comrescuemontreal

The family reached out to their local rescue, Chatons Orphelins Montreal, in hopes of getting the kitten a fighting chance that he deserved.

“The kitten arrived with us within hours. He was just skin and bones weighting only 317 grams (11 ounces) at barely five weeks old,” Celine Crom of the rescue shared.

kitten wrapped in blankets

His paws were cold to the touch when he arrived at the rescueCeline @comrescuemontreal

“We named him Titub. He hadn’t had his mom for a while and was struggling with starvation and dehydration. He was fighting to live.”

The kitten didn’t have the strength to keep his head up and his paws were cold to the touch. Rescuers tried to warm him up with a heat source, and it brought life into that tiny, frail body.

tabby kitten vet

Celine @comrescuemontreal

“He was a bit wobbly and couldn’t stay upright. He was dehydrated and wouldn’t have survived another cold night in that condition.”

Titub lay on his side to preserve energy while he was receiving care at the vet’s office. He was later taken into foster care so he could be syringe-fed around the clock by a dedicated volunteer, and kept warm the whole time.

kitten purrito

He was just skin and bones but had a strong will to liveCeline @comrescuemontreal

With supportive care and plenty of TLC, things began to look up for the little guy. In 24 hours, Titub gained 10 grams and a lot of strength. He was able to stand up on his feet and even walk up to his people for attention and pets.

As soon as the tabby was strong enough to eat on his own, he went straight to the food dish and chowed down on the wet food like a champ, trying to make up for lost meals.

kitten eating well

As soon as he got his strength back, he scarfed down the food like a champCeline @comrescuemontreal

“He is eating well and putting on weight every day. The worst is finally behind him,” Celine shared.

Titub received a thorough cleaning to remove all the dirt and pesky fleas from his coat. He didn’t complain or wiggle around during the bath as if he knew he was getting help.

snuggly tabby kitten

Titub now has lots of comfy things to snuggle inCeline @comrescuemontreal

The tabby boy has gained a new lease on life as a spoiled indoor cat. He is sharing the big bed with his foster family, snuggling in their comforter and wanting to be close to them at all times.

“He has a voracious appetite now and his belly is getting chunky. He is a little survivor and a real fighter.”

kitten snuggly

He shares the big bed with his foster familyCeline @comrescuemontreal

Titub is the first thing his foster family wake up to. He keeps them on their toes and entertains them with his many antics.

Whenever his humans are on the computer, he comes “supervising” their work. The curious little guy wants to know everything that is going on in the house.

kitten supervisor

He likes to “supervise” his humans when they are on the computerCeline @comrescuemontreal

The kitten whom they found shivering in the bushes, now has plenty of warm sheets and blankets to roll around in, as well as doting humans to keep him company.

happy tabby kitten

Happy and lovedCeline @comrescuemontreal

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