Kitten Climbs a Kennel Door at Shelter, Now Has Other Cats and a Kind Person to Help Him Live a Full Life

A kitten who climbed a kennel door at the shelter, now has other cats and a kind person to help him live a full life.

sweet kitten paw

Indy the kittenMichelle @indyscoots

A 10-week-old kitten was brought into a shelter with injuries to his hindquarters. He was just skin and bones and desperately needed rescue. The kitten (named Indy Scoots) required much more care than the shelter could provide.

Michelle Fournier who fosters for St. Francis Society Animal Rescue in Florida, came across a plea for help from the shelter, and wanted to give the little guy a fighting chance.

“I felt in my heart that I needed to take Indy. I had never cared for a paralyzed kitten before, but I knew I could do it and that it would work out,” Michelle shared with Love Meow.

shelter kitten

He climbed the kennel door and was ready to go homeMichelle @indyscoots

She contacted her rescue right away. While the medical records were being reviewed, the day ended and the shelter closed for the night. Michelle could barely sleep that night thinking about Indy.

“When morning came, I picked up my phone and was surprised to find a picture of Indy clinging to the bars. The people at the shelter absolutely loved him. I’m sure it is because of them that he made it through the night.”

kitten in towel

Indy was picked up from the shelter by MichelleMichelle @indyscoots

Little Indy managed to climb up the kennel door with his front legs and sheer will to live. He was determined to go home that day.

“I assured my rescue that if (I was) granted the okay to take Indy, no matter if he never walks, and no matter if he will forever need help, that I would personally make sure that he would be cared for.”

snuggly kitten

Indy was so happy to be cuddled and safeMichelle @indyscoots

Michelle picked up Indy from the shelter that day. He snuggled right up to her knowing that he was safe.

Indy came with a host of health issues and was placed on several medications. Through painstaking care, he recovered from his stomach troubles, his wounds began to heal, and his body started to fill out.

indy kitten foster home

Michelle @indyscoots

Indy may never be able to walk with his hind legs, but that doesn’t seem to bother him at all. He scoots around the house with so much vigor and speed, and can climb anything he lays his paws on.

“Indy can scoot really fast which is where his full name, Indy Scoots, originated from.”

kitten paralyzed indy

Indy became stronger each day. His feline friends cheered him on as he exercised his hind legsMichelle @indyscoots

The kitten has been introduced to several cats in the house, and they have all taken a liking to their little scooter friend.

Flash the cat adores Indy and showers him with licks and cuddles. He’s taken the role of big brother and keeps the kitten company whenever he needs a buddy.

cat paralyzed kitten

Flash the cat adores IndyMichelle @indyscoots

“Indy absolutely loves to play with all his kitty friends. He will wrestle with any cat who wants to play,” Michelle added.

“He loves to hang out in the tunnels, and scoots around with the spring toys in his mouth. Indy is just over five and a half months old now and weighs seven and a half pounds.”

loafing cat

Michelle @indyscoots

As a major love-bug, Indy seizes every opportunity to be doted on by his people.

“He still cannot walk but he is getting stronger every day. He needs help going to the bathroom, but he never puts up a fuss.”


Michelle @indyscoots

“He is easygoing and sweet, and we love him dearly. We hope that Indy will show others that paralyzed kitties can live a full, happy life.”

cat hug indy

Michelle @indyscoots

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