Kitten Blows People Away with Her Resilience, and Lives Best Life After Being Saved from the Road

A kitten blows people away with her resilience, and lives the best life after being saved from the road.

snuggly happy kitten

Sloane the kitten@bestfriendsfelines

About a month ago, Best Friends Felines (a cat rescue in Brisbane, AU) was contacted about a tabby kitten needing urgent help.

A Good Samaritan was on a motorcycle traveling behind a car when she saw something tossed out of the window. She noticed that it was moving, so swiftly stopped her bike and safely slowed down the oncoming traffic.

She was able to scoop up what turned out to be a kitten, and get the little one off the busy road in the nick of time.

tabby kitten sloane


The finder took the kitten to an emergency clinic, where they discovered that the kitten’s left hind leg was broken and limp, and her front leg was scraped up. They started treating her, and kept her overnight to help her heal.

The kitten felt so much better the next day and switched on her purr motor. “She regained use of her front paw and she was charming all the staff at the emergency with her chirping for attention and endless purring,” Kerry of Best Friends Felines shared.

kitten healing sloane


Best Friends Felines stepped up to take the kitten named Sloane into their care, so she could continue her recovery in the comfort of a foster home.

Sloane went to the rescue’s regular vet for an exam. While she was there, she insisted on being held and loved on. “She made all the staff fall in love with her and spent more time in their arms than in the crate.”

tabby fluffy kitten sloane


“Sloane is able to get in and out of a shallow litter tray and is excellent with her toileting. She is eating up a storm and purrs nonstop when you hold her. Everyone that meets her, just falls in love,” Kerry added.

A week after her arrival, Sloane’s front leg healed up nicely, and she made great strides gaining weight and strength.

fluffy tabby kitten leg


“She has the loudest purr, is remarkably resilient and absolutely stunning.”

Despite everything Sloane has gone through, she is a constant ray of sunshine and so forgiving. As soon as she feels stronger, she tries to get up and play.

fluffy tabby kitten sloane


With good food, proper care and plenty of TLC, her front paw is back to 100%, and she has learned to hold her leg up when she runs.

When Sloane was ready for socialization, she was introduced to Pearl and Miley, the resident blind cats. They hit it off right away, and the little tabby wanted to tag along with her friends everywhere.

fluffy tabby kitten leg


Just like Sloane, Pearl and Miley are rescues of Best Friends Felines. They came to their foster home and decided to stay forever.

The sweet pair has shown Sloane that she can do anything if she wills it. “Sloane has learned how to climb, which I think her foster siblings have taught her,” Kerry shared.

tabby kitten snuggly cat

Sloane and Miley@bestfriendsfelines

“Pearl and Miley have certainly taken her under their wings, and are teaching her that despite disabilities, there is nothing you can’t do.”

Once Sloane is big enough, she will undergo surgery for her hind leg. As for now, she has a lot of growing to do and many feline skills to hone.

kitten and blind cats

Sloane adores her foster siblings Pearl and Miley@bestfriendsfelines

Sloane is growing into a beautiful fluffy young cat. She absolutely loves life and enjoys each day to the fullest.

fluffy tabby kitten sloane


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