Cat is Overjoyed to Find Help for Her Kittens and Can Breathe a Sigh of Relief When They Start to Thrive

A cat was overjoyed to find help for her kittens. She could breathe a sigh of relief when they started to thrive.

sweet cat kitten hugs

Tallulah the cat and her kitten@bestfriendsfelines

About three weeks before the New Year, a torbie cat was brought into an animal shelter, desperately needing rescue. She was pregnant, so a volunteer took her in for the time being until a rescue group could step in to help.

The kind folks from Best Friends Felines (BFF), a cat rescue in Brisbane, AU, offered their helping hand. They arranged for a permanent carer for the expectant cat and transported her to her new abode on the following Sunday.

“We all thought she had about two weeks left to go. Color us surprised when her carer got home from work on Monday to find she had given birth,” BFF shared.

cat hugs newborn kittens

She gave birth the day after BFF took her into their care@bestfriendsfelines

Despite their best efforts to save them all, one of the kittens sadly didn’t pull through, but the rest of the litter began to perk up.

The kittens were treated for a stomach bug, but their mother, Tallulah, needed more help than they had anticipated. They noticed that Tallulah had become very frail a few days after the birth of her kittens, and could no longer perform any mommy duties.

cat mom nursing kittens

Tallulah needed more help than they had anticipated@bestfriendsfelines

She entrusted a volunteer to look after the litter while she went on to receive care for herself. “She wasn’t eating as much as she should and wasn’t keeping the babies as clean as she normally would, so we were helping her.”

Tallulah ended up having to be hospitalized due to a severe infection in her abdomen, and would need surgery. While she was at the vet, her kittens were bottle-fed around the clock by a dedicated carer.

cat mom nursing kittens

The kittens were bottle fed by a dedicated carer while Tallulah was at the hospital@bestfriendsfelines

Elke, a volunteer, took on the kittens and provided painstaking care every 2-3 hours. She had many sleepless nights to make sure that all the kittens had full bellies and a warm, comfy place to nestle in.

After surgery, Tallulah was able to come back and reunite with her kittens. “She was super skinny and had been through a stressful ordeal, so would potentially be better without her babies. On the other hand, babies do so much better with a mum.”

cat mom kittens

Tallulah came back from surgery and was reunited with her kittens@bestfriendsfelines

They decided to let Tallulah choose whatever she wanted, and would fully support her either way. “She was overjoyed to see her babies again, but as we thought, she had no milk.”

Tallulah immediately started tending to her kittens and showering them with hugs and kisses. She gave them each a thorough bath before falling asleep with them in her arms or on her belly.

doting cat mom, nursing kittens

She immediately snuggled with her babies and doted on them@bestfriendsfelines

Elke worked closely with the mama to help raise her babies. She would come in to feed the hungry little mouths, and Tallulah would take over the responsibilities in grooming and snuggling.

A few days later, Tallulah woke up feeling refreshed and strong, and her milk production started to come back in. When she was able to successfully nurse her three independently, it was a joyous moment for everyone.

waddling kittens

The trio are thriving and Mama Tallulah is healing@bestfriendsfelines

“Since then she has been doing great. She’s happy and loving her life and eating up a storm,” Best Friends Felines (BFF) shared. “Her babies are gaining weight and getting cuter every day.”

Tallulah is starting to fill out as she’s regained her voracious appetite. She’s pleased to see her kittens thriving before her eyes as they are trying to use their legs to waddle and play.

tabby kitten paw


“So much goes on behind the scenes at BFF, and during kitten season, it’s particularly hectic. We are very lucky to have a great team who can help each other out in situations like this.”

The sweet momma continues to smother her precious kittens with love. She is content knowing that there are people to cater to her needs and ensure that her littles will have the best lives.

ginger white kitten


Just a few weeks ago, Tallulah’s fate was uncertain, but now she and her babies are blossoming in their foster home without a care in the world.

ginger white kitten


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