Cat is Grateful When Someone Steps in to Help Her, So Her ‘Mini Panther’ Kittens Can Live Better Lives

A cat was grateful when someone stepped in to help her, so her “mini panther” kittens could live better lives.

cat mom kitten mini me

Asa @shibuyarollcall

A heavily pregnant cat was in need of a placement when Asa, a volunteer of Animal Welfare League of Arlington was contacted. She didn’t hesitate to take her in to foster.

Soon after the cat walked out of her carrier, she toured around her new space and inspected every corner before snuggling up to her foster mom.

“She is around two years old. She’s been so sweet and purring nonstop,” Asa shared with Love Meow.

cat rescue pregnant

Kalia the catAsa @shibuyarollcall

The expectant mom named Kalia was so grateful to be in a comfortable, safe home with a loving human to cater to her needs.

About two weeks into foster care, Kalia went into labor. She insisted on having Asa around for support. “She laid her head on my lap and held onto me the whole time, then swiftly moved to a nest when she was ready to give birth.”

snuggly cat sweet

Asa @shibuyarollcall

The day before Valentine’s Day, Kalia brought seven little cherubs into the world. She immediately dove into mommy duties, nursing and cleaning her “baby panthers” around the clock.

“She’s got a lot on her hands but she’s been doing an amazing job. We’ve got a very healthy, chonky crew, with the biggest weighing in at 145 grams and the smallest 127 grams.”

cat mom nursing kittens

Asa @shibuyarollcall

While Kalia was busy keeping all seven mouths fed and providing undivided attention, Asa brought food to her, so she could replenish from the comfort of her nest.

The kittens were getting very active and roly-poly, with healthy, rotund bellies.

cat mom panther kitten

Asa @shibuyarollcall

In just eight days, the kittens doubled in weight. Mama Kalia made sure that none of them missed a single feeding and bath. She only stepped away from them for a minute tops, and then rushed right back to her babies. “She’s really got her paws full with this bunch.”

By week two, the kittens were starting to open their eyes and move their legs more.

cat mom nursing kittens

Asa @shibuyarollcall

The smallest two, Andy and April, needed to be supplemented and given extra time with Kalia, while the other five, Leslie, Ben, Tom, Donna, and Ron, were growing by leaps and bounds.

“I had to intervene and help out with the two when they were under three weeks old since they were losing weight, but thankfully, they started to plump up eventually,” Asa told Love Meow.

fluffy panther kittens

Andy and AprilAsa @shibuyarollcall

“While they’re still the runts of the litter, they’ve both grown so strong and have such goofy, cute personalities.”

Over the next few weeks, the kittens learned to eat on their own by imitating their mom and each other. As soon as they got pep under their feet, they started venturing out of the nest, and the scampering ensued.

Asa @shibuyarollcall

They would wrestle, tackle each other, creating all sorts of antics and endless entertainment. When they needed a break from playing, they collectively swarmed over to their mom for comfort nursing.

Kalia has been a wonderful, doting mother to all her babies. “She’s nurturing, attentive, and protective of them,” Asa shared with Love Meow.

cat mom kittens panther babies

Asa @shibuyarollcall

The kittens are almost six week old, turning into playful, independent characters. Kalia is ready to be spayed, retire from motherhood, and enjoy being the center of attention she desires.

The seven will soon meet Kona the kitten-adoring dog who has helped raise countless fosters. She can’t wait to love on each and every one of them.

Asa @shibuyarollcall

“Kalia will finally get some much-needed me-time and all the attention she wants, and hopefully find her forever home soon after.”

cat mom kittens panther babies

Asa @shibuyarollcall

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