Cat Has Been Raising Kittens from Different Litters, is So Relieved When Someone Comes to Help Her

A cat had been raising kittens from different litters and was so relieved to get some help one day.

cat nursing kittens

Gianna the cat and her kittensBestFriendsFelines

Best Friends Felines, a cat rescue in Brisbane, AU, received a phone call about a cat mother and her kittens needing help. “(They) found themselves at one of the vets’ that we work alongside. However, this was an unusual family,” Nikki of Best Friends Felines shared.

The cat named Gianna, a stunning Lynx-point, was rescued with four kittens from two different litters. “She came into our care not at her best, and with a blended family to look after.”

The larger kittens were approximately five weeks old, whereas the tiny ones were just one week old.

cat mom kittens

Gianna was rescued along with four kittens from two littersBestFriendsFelines

Best Friends Felines immediately arranged for a foster home for the blended family. At first, Gianna was confused and unsure as she had faced so many changes in the span of a few days.

“The (bigger) black kitten was super friendly. The fluffy tabby was believed to be his sibling and was very underweight. The (two) tinies, orphans, were being loved on by Gianna and feeding really well.”

tabby kittens snuggles


They discovered that Gianna had been living with a UTI (urinary tract infection), yet she continued mothering two sets of kittens, making sure they were fed and clean.

She was finally able to get the medical attention she needed and make herself feel more comfortable. “What a wonderful mama who must have been in pain yet took on the tiny babies as her own.”

tabby baby kitten

The tinier kittens were about one week old when they arrivedBestFriendsFelines

In the days that followed, Gianna regained her appetite and was on the mend. She quickly came out of her shell and was eager for attention from her carers. She was so relieved to get some much-needed help for her babies.

As it turned out, some of the kittens were affected by Calicivirus. The older kittens quickly bounced back with treatment, while the smaller ones needed to be tube-fed and cared for by a vet nurse carer.

brother kittens

Machiavelli the tabby is smaller than his brother MassimoBestFriendsFelines

“This will allow time for their mouth ulcers to heal and allow them to gain the necessary nutrients they need.”

Gianna was grateful knowing that her kittens were in good hands. For the first time, she was able to relax completely and spend more time on herself.

cat lynx-point

Gianna can finally relax and spend more time with her peopleBestFriendsFelines

“From the moment she was settled into a safe place, her true personality started to shine,” Nikki shared.

“First there were head boops; these are shared with passion with her carers. It’s when the brush comes out that she melts and will allow you to brush her as long as you like. She also adores belly rubs, rolling over and purring all the while.”

cat hugs gianna

She is very affectionate and just wants to be lovedBestFriendsFelines

“Massimo (black kitten) is one chunky little guy and is very chatty when he gets cuddles. He spends a lot of his day running around, making his own fun, and then tackling his brother.”

cute black kitten


“Machiavelli (tabby kitten) is a real sweetheart and is still a little bit of a mama’s boy. He has definitely put his slow start behind him and has reached 600 grams.”

fluffy tabby kitten


The tinier kittens, Luca and Giulia, have moved onto bottle feeding, and are healing nicely, getting bigger and stronger each week.

With the help of many volunteers, the little blended family is thriving. Mama Gianna is beaming with joy and filling her room with constant rumbling purrs.

eyes open kitten

The tinier kittens are opening their eyesBestFriendsFelines

“She is the most affectionate girl, and adores giving head smooches. She gets a gleam in her eyes when the brush comes out. She will now take some time out of reach of her kids for her own relaxation.”

fluffy cat beautiful

Happy Mama GiannaBestFriendsFelines

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