Cat Appears on a Porch and Tries to Make His Way in, It Turns Out to be the Best Choice Ever

A cat appeared on a porch and tried to make his way in. It turned out to be the best choice ever.

fluffy happy cat

LeonardSaving Stevie

An orange and white cat showed up in Clare’s backyard last year, scrounging around for food. Perhaps, word had gone out among the neighborhood cats that there was a kind person who would help them.

Clare who fosters for Saving Stevie (a cat rescue in Nashville, TN), has been assisting community cats, getting them spayed and neutered, and helping get the friendly kitties into good homes.

When the new guy appeared on her porch, he was hungry and eager for attention. “(He) immediately tried to make his way in,” Saving Stevie shared.

stray cat paw porch

He showed up on the porch as a straySaving Stevie

“He has always been so friendly, and we thought he must be someone’s pet. We did all the found pet things, and after no one came forward, his foster welcomed him with open arms.”

With the support of Saving Stevie, when the cat returned to the porch, Clare had a room and supplies ready to get him settled. “I was able to pick him up and take him inside,” Clare shared with Love Meow.

stray cat indoors

Leonard was finally insideSaving Stevie

“I think he knew he was safe with me very quickly. Maybe, he just knew where to come for safety.”

Clare noticed the fresh scratches on his nose. The outdoor life had been tough for the cat. Now that he was inside, he would never have to fend for himself or fight over food.

stray cat indoors bed

Saving Stevie

The cat was lovingly named Leonard. He was so pleased with his new space and all the amenities. He spent much of that day hanging out with Clare.

In no time, his personality started to bloom. He quickly discovered his penchant for snuggles.

stray cat snuggly

He turned into a cuddle-bugSaving Stevie

Leonard would make his way to his foster mom, curl up in her arms and nap for hours on end, without a care in the world. He liked to roll around on his human to get all cozied up.

“He has always been so sweet, trusting and cuddly.”

snuggly cat

Saving Stevie

Besides being a big hugger, Leonard makes a wonderful companion and a supportive friend. He revels in the company of his people and seems always ready to offer a cuddle or a smooch.

Leonard greeted his foster mom with the sweetest look on his face.

sweet cat leonard

He likes to follow his people aroundSaving Stevie

After a couple of weeks indoors, he found his voice and didn’t hesitate to use it at meal time.

Leonard did so well at the vet’s office and made everyone fall for him with his sweet-natured temperament. He got a clean bill of health and was estimated to be five years old.

fluffy cat leonard

Saving Stevie

The big window in the house served as his daily feline entertainment. He liked to watch little critters outside from the comfort of his foster home.

Leonard also befriended Archer, the resident cat, with whom he practiced wrestling.

fluffy cat window watching

Leonard likes to hang out by the windowSaving Stevie

With good food to fill his belly and plenty of comfy things to snooze on, Leonard really blossomed and grew a luxurious coat of fluff that turned him into a majestic lion cat.

What a difference a foster home can make.

fluffy cat leonard

He’s blossomed into a very fluffy catSaving Stevie

A few days ago, Leonard met the family of his dreams. After months in foster care, he happily graduated into his forever home.

“It was definitely love at first sight with his new mom. I think it was Leonard’s Snaggle teeth that really did it for her,” Clare added.

sweet cat fluffy

Leonard has found his forever homeSaving Stevie

Leonard is now living like a king with endless cuddles from his loving family. Clare couldn’t be happier for the fluffy boy as she continues to help other cats that find their way to her porch.

sweet cat fluffy leonard

So fluffySaving Stevie

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