10 Year Old Cat Wandering in the Snow, Thankful to Be in a Warm Home, Her Life Quickly Changes

A 10-year-old cat was found wandering in the snow. She was grateful to be in a warm home. Her life quickly changed.

sweet snuggly older cat

Padmee the cat@comrescuemontreal

A cat was spotted wandering alone in the snow and brought into an animal shelter for help. She didn’t have a microchip, and no one came to claim her.

She was malnourished, just skin and bones, and came with a host of health issues. Estimated to be 10 years old, she had likely lived on the streets and braved the elements for a long time.

The cat desperately needed a foster home and care. When Chatons Orphelins Montreal learned about her plight, their volunteers sprang into action.

older cat stray

She was found outside in the snow, needing lots of help@comrescuemontreal

“A wonderful volunteer went to pick her up and then drove two hours to bring her to us,” Celine Crom of the rescue shared. “We named her Padmee, and she was so skinny, weighing barely 2.5 kg (5.5 lb).”

Padmee was a little shy at first, but she came out of her shell once she realized she was safe.

snuggly older cat happy

Padmee was thankful to be safe@comrescuemontreal

The smell of indoor life and the comfort of fresh blankets quickly put her at ease. She was so hungry that she scarfed down a full plate of food, as if there was no tomorrow.

Once Padmee settled down in her new space, her inquisitive side emerged. She explored around with so much curiosity and rubbed against her people, showing her gratitude.

grateful older cat padmee


The vet was able to remove a mass on her nose and a couple others around her belly (they turned out to be benign). She was diagnosed with diabetes and immediately started treatment.

“Padmee became so lively and cuddly at her foster home. She likes to take naps near her humans and ask for attention when she wakes up.”

cat in box


Her foster family adores her little meow, which resembles the sound of a duck. Every morning, Padmee greets her people with her signature quacks followed by some head rubs.

With good food and great care, Padmee no longer has stomach issues, and she’s really filled out. “She didn’t have it easy, but she’s a fighter. After two months, she healed up nicely.”

happy older cat snuggly


“She loves her warm life with her humans and enjoys all the hugs we give her. She likes to be held in our arms like a baby.”

Padmee is content as can be when she shares a couch with her people, napping by their side or watching TV together.

cat on couch sleeping


“She purrs as soon as you touch her. She is curious and likes to follow her humans everywhere to see what they are doing. She insists on staying in the same room with them.”

When the sun comes out, Padmee hops in a basket by the window to be hugged by the warm rays. If she notices an empty lap on the couch, she doesn’t hesitate to fill it with her whole body.

cat in basket sunbathing


“She even rides on our shoulders like a parrot if she wants more attention,” Celine added.

Padmee is thriving in foster care and ready to find a family that will open their home and their hearts to an older diabetic cat.

happy older cat

Padmee loves to follow her people around the house@comrescuemontreal

“It’s hard to imagine her surviving alone outside in the cold. We are glad to be able to help her. She is so sweet, affectionate, and deserving.”

grey cat padmee

She’s blossomed into a healthy, happy, beautiful cat@comrescuemontreal

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