Two Miracle Kittens Give Each Other Unwavering Support Since They Were 3 Days Old

Miracle kittens, Mila and Nina, have given each other unwavering support since they were three days old.

kitten baby incubator

Nina the kittenBaby Kitten Rescue

From the day they were born, Mila and Nina had all the odds stacked up against them. They were found (with their siblings) left behind in the lobby of an emergency vet hospital at just three days old.

Staff couldn’t find a note nor was there a cat mother in sight. The kittens were frail and in desperate need of round-the-clock critical care.

The staff immediately reached out to their local rescue, Baby Kitten Rescue, and asked if they could help.

newborn kittens snuggles

Baby Kitten Rescue

“When the hospital called and asked if we could take them, we agreed,” Caroline Grace, founder of Baby Kitten Rescue, told Love Meow.

Caroline quickly realized that the kittens were in very rough shape. They tested positive for feline panleukopenia (also known as feline distemper), which is an incredibly daunting challenge for any neonatal kitten.

kitten baby incubator

Mila the kittenBaby Kitten Rescue

“The survival rate for kittens is less than 10% and the survival rate for neonates is next to nothing. But we fought for them. We fought with everything we had and with the best medical treatment plan under the direction of our vet.”

Despite the seemingly insurmountable illness, Mila and Nina pulled through–the only survivors of their litter.

bonded kittens

The two sisters were inseparable from the startBaby Kitten Rescue

“Mila means ‘miracle’ and Nina means ‘strong’,” Caroline added. The two sisters were so tiny but unbelievably mighty, living up to their names every day.

They snuggled together all the time and showered each other with purrs. They would lean into one another whenever they needed extra support.

inseparable kittens

Mila and Nina adore each otherBaby Kitten Rescue

After many weeks of the most sedulous care (tube-feeding every two hours, fluids, meds, and oxygen support), Mila and Nina started to show significant improvement.

Their appetite increased many fold, and their energy level soared.

cute kitten nina

Baby Kitten Rescue

Mila who weighed merely 80 grams on the day of her arrival, is now making good gains and eating on her own like a champ.

She is catching up with her development and hitting one milestone after another. The once runt of the litter is no longer so little.

cute kitten mila

Baby Kitten Rescue

Her sister Nina has gained a voracious appetite and a larger-than-life personality. She has been Mila’s biggest cheerleader and is always there whenever she needs a buddy to curl up with.

“Nina loved to look into my eyes when I talked and sang to her, and purred after every feeding for roly-poly belly rubs.”

roly poly kitten

Nina likes to roll around on her back after feedingBaby Kitten Rescue

With their determination to live and thrive, the two sisters have made a full recovery. It’s been nothing short of miraculous.

“Nina is the brave sister who is curious about everything and scared of nothing. She loves to explore, jump and play. Mila is a gentle soul who prefers laying in your lap for pets or snuggling up to your face purring in your ear.”

happy kittens feeding

Baby Kitten Rescue

“They are inseparable and always do everything together. We knew from the beginning that they needed to stay together forever.”

After a long, arduous journey, Nina and Mila blossomed into healthy, playful mischief-makers.

kittens playing tunnel

They do everything togetherBaby Kitten Rescue

The sisters graduated from foster care a few days ago and began a new chapter with their forever family together.

“Despite everything they’ve been through, they are both the sweetest, happiest, most easy-going kittens,” Caroline shared with Love Meow.

best friends kittens

Nina and Mila, best of friendsBaby Kitten Rescue

“I’m so proud of my little miracle girls and so happy they get to live the full, cozy, and rich life they deserve, spoiled with love and attention.”

lap kitten curious

Baby Kitten Rescue

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