Kitten Living Under Trailer Changes So Much Thanks to Kind People, Now Follows Her Brother Around for Life

A kitten who was living under a trailer, has changed so much thanks to kind people. Now, she follows her brother around for life.

kitten jaw

Cami the kittenNikki @myfosterkittens

A grey kitten was rescued from under a trailer at a mobile home park. She had a broken jaw and a severe upper respiratory infection (URI). Her body was covered in fleas and she was just skin and bones.

Volunteers from C5 (a TNR rescue) were able to get the kitten and her brother to safety. Hearts Alive Village immediately took them in and provided the medical attention they desperately needed.

Nikki Martinez and her husband (who crawled under the trailer to save the kittens) opened their home to the pair that they named Chamomile (or Cami) and Earl Grey.

rescued kitten jaw

She was rescued from underneath a trailerNikki @myfosterkittens

“When Cami first arrived, we were treating her (and her brother) for ringworm since she had it all over her body,” Nikki told Love Meow. “The vet told me if Cami survives the next few days, it’ll be a miracle.”

Cami showed a strong will to live right from the start. At just 0.68 pounds, she was half the size of her brother and so incredibly frail, but she tried her utmost to fill her belly.

kittens bonded snuggles

Cami and Earl started to heal in foster careNikki @myfosterkittens

“Even with a broken jaw, she was able to eat wet food on her own.”

Once her URI cleared up, Cami’s beautiful eyes emerged, and her appetite soared. She would devour every morsel on her plate and never missed a single meal.

kitten healed happy

Cami transformed after six days in foster careNikki @myfosterkittens

In just six days, she looked like a different kitten with bright eyes and so much energy. Over time, her jaw healed and she no longer experienced any discomfort.

With painstaking care and an abundance of food, both kittens kicked their health issues to the curb and made plenty of good gains.

grey kitten cami

Her jaw completely healed and left her with a cute little grinNikki @myfosterkittens

Earl warmed up to people beautifully and quickly grew a penchant for hugs. Cami was a bit shy but started to entertain the idea of asking for attention. “Earl is Cami’s security blanket. He gives his sister the confidence needed to explore and play,” Nikki shared.

With encouragement from Earl, Cami slowly came out of her shell and began to accept pets and snuggles.

kittens best friends

Earl is Cami’s security blanketNikki @myfosterkittens

Throughout this time, she was never far from her brother, tagging along with him everywhere he went.

“She is definitely her brother’s shadow. Wherever he goes, she is close behind him. Earl has turned into a snuggle monster, a big teddy bear. He has helped Cami blossom.”

kitten with grin jaw

Cami slowly came out of her shellNikki @myfosterkittens

Between cuddle sessions with Nikki and her husband and Earl giving her courage, Cami no longer runs away from hugs with her people. Now, she enjoys getting back scratches just like her brother.

“Earl is very playful and loves to take off zooming around. Cami is his shadow, so if Earl zooms from one room to the next, she is close behind.”

kittens best friends

Cami is Earl’s shadow, and she follows him everywhereNikki @myfosterkittens

When the kittens were big enough to look for a loving home, Nikki hoped that they would be adopted together.

“They came from near death, living under a trailer with their eyes shut from infections, covered in ringworm and fleas, and Cami had a broken jaw,” Nikki added.

cami earl kittens

Nikki @myfosterkittens

Now, the two best friends have made a full recovery and are thriving as happy, healthy indoor kitties. Cami has grown in size, energy and confidence.

After a week of waiting, Cami and Earl got the news they had been hoping for.

grey kitten playing

Nikki @myfosterkittens

They found their forever home together, and will be officially adopted later this month.

Cami continues trailing behind her brother like his shadow every day, and the two will never be apart.

best friends kittens

They found a home togetherNikki @myfosterkittens

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