Homeowner Finds a Kitten Sitting in Her Front Yard, Later Discovers 4 More and a Cat Needing Her Help

A homeowner found a kitten sitting in her front yard, and later discovered four more and a cat needing her help.

tabby cat nursing kittens


A tabby kitten was spotted all by himself in a family’s front yard. The cat mother never returned for him and the homeowner wasn’t able to locate her at the time. She scooped up the starving little kitten and tried to get him some help.

When she let her dog out later that day, she heard a commotion and went to investigate. Unbeknownst to her, a cat and four kittens had nestled in under her deck. The kittens were the same age as the little singleton she’d found earlier.

Right away, she knew the kitten was part of the litter and that he had been left behind.

tabby kitten

The homeowner found a tabby kitten all by himself in her front yard@coastalbendcats

“She tried to reunite the baby with Mom, but was unsuccessful. Mom kept hissing at the baby, so the homeowner began bottle-feeding him and reached out to us for help,” Mary Huckabee, Coastal Bend Cat Rescue Officer, told Love Meow.

While the rescue was in the process of arranging for a foster home, the finder continued hand-rearing the bottle baby while keeping the mom and her four safe.

stray cat kittens

The homeowner later discovered four more kittens and their cat mom under her deck@coastalbendcats

“When we got them to their foster home, the first thing we did was give all of the babies a bath. We were prepared to send one to a bottle feeder if necessary.”

In no time, the cat mom, Casino, and her kittens settled comfortably into their nursery. After being all cleaned up, Mama’s demeanor toward the bottle kitten began to change.

cat kitten reunited

Mama accepted the bottle baby back into her family@coastalbendcats

When the bottle kitten walked up to his mom, she immediately started washing his face and doting on him. “With everything smelling clean and identical, Mom accepted all five babies and this little family was reunited.”

The bottle baby, Blackjack, was ecstatic to be back with his pack. He snuggled right up to his littermates for a cuddle-puddle nap-fest.

kittens cuddle puddle

The kittens snuggled up together for a nap@coastalbendcats

He tried to figure out how to latch on his mom, so he could nurse alongside his siblings, being part of the feeding crew.

“Blackjack required some continued bottle supplementation for a few days before he got the hang of fully nursing again, but only for a short time,” Mary shared with Love Meow.

snuggly kittens

All five kittens are so happy to be back together@coastalbendcats

“He bellies up to the milk bar at every opportunity with his brother and sisters.”

The family of six are thriving in foster care. Despite being the only kitten left behind, Blackjack is now the leader of the clowder.

cat nursing kittens

The bottle kitten is now nursing alongside his siblings@coastalbendcats

“The little bottle baby runs immediately to people for cuddles and scratches. And his siblings quickly learned from him that belly rubs are the best.”

The kittens are around four weeks old and starting to find their feet. They have explored around their playpen and are honing their climbing skills on their foster mom.

sweet lap kitten

Blackjack was the first to discover lap snuggles and his siblings quickly followed suit@coastalbendcats

The sweet cat mama is a bit shy with new people but will quickly come out of her shell with some treats and scritches.

tabby cat

Mama Casino is loving her new life as an indoor cat@coastalbendcats

She is so content to have a safe place to raise her kittens, and never tires of feeding her demanding five and keeping them clean and loved.

kittens blep tongue


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