Family Asks for the 2 Shyest Cats Who Have Been Waiting Months for a Home, It Turns Out to Be Best Decision

A family asked for the two shyest cats who had been waiting months for a home. It turned out to be the best decision.

bonded cats brothers

JoJo and KCExploitsValleySPCA

Two bonded cats, KC and JoJo, were found abandoned in an apartment and rescued by Animal Control. When they arrived at Exploits Valley SPCA, they were very scared and withdrawn after the ordeal.

“They haven’t had an easy start to life and now have a hard time trusting people,” Exploits Valley SPCA shared. When the shelter building was quiet during closed hours, the two brothers slowly came around and started to explore their new space.

They were mostly nervous about the foot traffic and noise at the shelter and took refuge, hiding away from everyone.

shy cat


“They are uncomfortable in the busy shelter. Visitors might not even notice them cuddled up on top of the cages. They are in competition with friendly, bubbly cats and kittens who jump into people’s arms. KC and JoJo are the type of cats who are always overlooked.”

While KC was more timid, JoJo would work up the courage to approach staff or volunteers when things quieted down. He’d sit in a volunteer’s lap and start purring.

sweet cat orange


“They aren’t the type to jump into your arms the first day you meet them, but that doesn’t mean they won’t love you or that they won’t do it someday in time,” Exploits Valley SPCA added.

“They are two sweet and shy boys who spent a lot of their time cuddled up away from everyone else.”

best friends cats snuggly

They are bonded brothersExploitsValleySPCA

The feline brothers were looking for a family willing to gain their trust and show them what love is all about. “They need a really special human to change their life with a bit of time and effort.”

KC and JoJo didn’t have much luck finding a suitor, month after month. After over half of a year of waiting, a woman named Sacha learned about the shy boys and knew she had to meet them.

shelter cats brothers

They waited over half a year for their forever homeExploitsValleySPCA

Sacha was helping her parents look for a pair of cats to adopt. “I messaged Exploits Valley SPCA to inquire about the cats that needed a home. KC and JoJo were mentioned because these boys were the longest at the shelter and still very scared, so they needed some extra love and attention,” Sacha shared.

The next day, she went to pay them a visit. When she walked into the shelter, she immediately asked for the brothers.

sweet cat ginger


“One of the first things (staff) said to me was that they were scared. KC was the extremely scared one, and I’d unlikely get near him,” Sacha added. “She was right. He hid on the highest cage and his brother JoJo also found a place to hide.”

Sacha also met other cats at the shelter, but KC and JoJo never left her mind. “I went home to call my parents… We made the decision to adopt both brothers together.”

best friends cats

KC and JoJo were adopted togetherSacha

The following day, she went back to pick up the bonded brothers and drove them all the way to their new home. “After a month living there, the boys are finally showing their ‘true colors’.”

KC and JoJo are coming out of their shells and making themselves at home.

best friends cats


“JoJo will come towards your hand for some scratches and once he’s comfortable, he will roll over on his belly for the full belly rub. KC will not ask for love but once received, he will accept it.

“In the morning when my mom is getting ready for work, the boys will sit outside her bedroom door waiting for their breakfast. When dad is cooking, the boys expect to get their taste too.”

best friends cats


The two brothers are trusting more each day. They spend most of their time cuddled up to each other, like two peas in a pod.

After being overlooked for nearly a year due to shyness, KC and JoJo are truly blossoming. “We are so happy the brothers get to have their happily ever after together.”

cat sneaking food

KC tried to sneak a snackSacha

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