Cat Keeps Her Kittens Warm During Cold Temperatures Until They’re Found, Their Lives Completely Changed

A cat kept her kittens warm during cold temperatures until they were found. Their lives were completely changed.

cat mom kittens happy

ExploitsValley SPCA

During recent freezing temperatures in NL, Canada, a stray tabby cat was found living outside with her kittens, braving the cold. Local animal rescuers were called to help, and they were able to get the mom and her two kittens to safety.

“She kept her kittens alive in cold weather. They were luckily rescued. While Billie Jean (the cat mom) is friendly, her kittens were born in the wild,” ExploitsValley SPCA shared.

The two long-haired kittens, Lillian and Gillian, never interacted with a person until they were rescued and brought into foster care. They were about two months old and desperately needed socialization.

timid shy kittens huddling

Lillian and Gillian the kittensExploitsValley SPCA

“They haven’t had human contact. They’re understandably scared, and need to be worked with.”

Volunteers of ExploitsValley SPCA got right to work. To help the kittens build confidence, they brought them treats and showed them that they meant good. Meanwhile, Billie was already reveling in her new life as an indoor cat, with a full belly and warm beds.

sweet cat mom

Billie Jean the catExploitsValley SPCA

Billie quickly settled in and explored around her space with her happy tippy taps. She walked up to volunteers for attention and even reached for nose boops and head scratches.

Lillian and Gillian, on the other hand, were so timid that they huddled against each other, took refuge behind their litter box or whatever they could find, trying to be out of sight, out of mind.

hissy kittens

The kittens were very scared at firstExploitsValley SPCA

After they took the time to decompress, their foster mom came in and reached out her hand to pet them.

She was immediately met with hisses, but the two sisters didn’t run from her hand. They caved as soon as the petting started to set in, melting away their worries, one stroke at a time.

feral kittens socialization

Slowly but surely, things began to changeExploitsValley SPCA

Volunteers wrapped them in a blanket to provide purrito-styled cuddle therapy, so the kittens could get used to human touch, being held in a calming manner.

After a few cuddle sessions coupled with their favorite treats, their walls began to fall, and the kittens started to come out of their shells.

purrito kittens cuddles

They learned to enjoy cuddle sessionsExploitsValley SPCA

They would slow blink at their people, sit up more confidently, or even roll around on their back, instead of crouching down in fear.

“Gillian was scared, nervous but easy to catch and touch. She came around quickly. Lillian was spicier and needed extra patience and love. Both are starting to trust humans, with help of treats, toys, and lots of love.”

kittens coming out of shells

Their walls began to fallExploitsValley SPCA

Mama Billie is teaching her babies new feline skills such as drinking from a water bowl, using a litter box, and napping in the comfort of a clean, warm bed.

She’s showing her kittens that people aren’t so bad by asking for attention and pets, leading by example.

cat happy kitten

Billie is happy to be indoors with her kittensExploitsValley SPCA

Billie and her precious kittens will never have to worry about food or shelter, and their future is looking bright.

After surviving the harsh weather, the family of three are ready to find their happily-ever-after.

fluffy snuggly kittens

ExploitsValley SPCA

Mama Billie continues being the sweetest, social cat, charming everyone with her adorable, kneady paws. She’s so happy that her kittens are safe, and she’s ready to find a place of her own.

kitten paw cute

ExploitsValley SPCA

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