Two Cats Show Up on a Farm Needing Help, They End Up Making Another Ginger Cat Family

Two cats showed up on a farm needing help. They ended up making another ginger cat family.

orange cat brothers snuggles

Tango and Mango@comrescuemontreal

Two bonded ginger cats were found on a farm, in rough shape. They were scruffy, scrawny, and very hungry. Despite it all, they were always together and never out of eyesight from each other.

The finder sent out a plea for help, hoping to get the cats the medical attention they needed. A shelter responded and offered to take the brothers, while local animal rescuers worked together to bring them to safety.

The cats tested positive for feline leukemia (FeLV). The shelter didn’t have the resources to care for them, so Chatons Orphelins Montreal, a cat rescue, stepped up to help.

stray farm cats

They were found outside on a farm@comrescuemontreal

“We named them Tango and Mango. Tango (the one with the injured mouth) was very timid when he first arrived, but once he started to heal, his true personality came out,” the rescue shared.

They were in need of a foster home for recovery and socialization.

orange tabby cat

Tango was treated for an injured mouth@comrescuemontreal

A family who previously adopted a FeLV cat, Kubrick, from Chatons Orphelins Montreal, learned about the two brothers and didn’t hesitate to open their home to foster them, since they can only live with other FeLV cats.

Their cat Kubrick was rescued when he was a few months old. Through painstaking care, he was nursed back to health and really blossomed.

orange kitten cat

Kubrick then and now@comrescuemontreal

Kubrick has turned into a fluffy little “lion” with a voracious appetite and an abundance of curiosity.

“Tango was extremely fearful and spent the first three weeks hiding behind a toilet. He had an injured mouth and needed dental treatment,” the foster family shared.

orange tabby cats hiding

Tango was very scared for the first few weeks, but Mango never left his side@comrescuemontreal

“Fortunately, there was Mango with him who gave him tenderness and hugs. They got used to us and the house, and now they are like kings.”

Mango never left his brother’s side while he was recovering. He kept him company and provided comfort through his famous loud purrs.

orange tabby cats bonded

Mango kept his brother company@comrescuemontreal

With medical treatment, good food, and plenty of TLC, Tango’s mouth healed up nicely, and he felt like a brand new cat. He warmed up to his people and even started to seek cuddles from them.

“He will stand on his hind legs asking to be petted. If we sit in front of the TV, he will come join us for an extended hug.”

orange tabby cats best friends


“Mango, who loves everyone, has developed a beautiful friendship with Kubrick. They play together all the time and groom each other. Mango is always happy and purrs like a tractor. You can hear him from far away.”

Kubrick who is the “head of the household”, adores the two brothers. The three of them are often seen curled up on the couch together, snoozing for hours.

orange cats best friends

The trio lounging on the couch together@comrescuemontreal

“Even though they are FeLV carriers, they don’t think they are different from other cats. They are just as charming, playful, and active,” the family said.

“FeLV makes them more vulnerable to infections and certain diseases, but since they stay indoors, the risks are lower. They live a perfectly normal cat life.”

orange tabby cats brothers


When Mango and Tango were ready to look for their forever home, their foster family knew that they had already found it.

“We adopted them. We couldn’t bring ourselves to let them go. They deserve all the love and attention, and they always give back to us tenfold.”

snuggly couch orange cats


The two bonded brothers revel in the peace and quiet of indoor life with their loving humans and adoptive feline brother, filling the house with constant purrs and snuggles.

orange cats brothers window


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