People Stunned by How ‘Tough’ Kitten Was at a Few Days Old, Now She Never Stops Living Large

People were stunned by how “tough” this kitten was at just a few days old. Now, she never stops living large.

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MilaOne Cat At a Time

A grey and white kitten was just a tiny newborn when she lost her mother and became the sole survivor. “Her mom did not make it through birth, and the kitten was brought to the pound,” Marie, founder of One Cat At a Time, shared.

At three days old, she was the size of a one-day-old baby. She was alone and small but showed a strong will to live. The kitten desperately needed round-the-clock feeding, warmth and plenty of TLC.

“We were contacted to help the little orphan. We named her Mila.”

orphan kitten sheep toy

She cuddled with her sheep mama and fell soundly asleepOne Cat At a Time

The rescue immediately deployed one of their incubators to host the kitten. They placed Mila inside along with a sheep plushy (with a beating heart) to keep her company. Mila wriggled her way to the top of the sheep and started kneading.

Without a mother cat, Mila was extremely vulnerable as she didn’t receive colostrum from her mother’s milk, which is crucial to a kitten’s immune system.

sweet kitten

Mila opened her eyes to see the worldOne Cat At a Time

“She was the only one in her litter. Kittens survive better when there are two of them.”

Despite all the odds stacked up against Mila, she took to the bottle right away and suckled down the formula with so much vigor. She wouldn’t let anything slow her down at mealtime.

kitten meowing

She became more vocal than ever at mealtimeOne Cat At a Time

Mila made do with what she had. She would wiggle around her nest and find the best, coziest spot to nuzzle in with her sheep mama. She continued to surprise her foster family with her fighting spirit and amaze them with what she could do.

Once her eyes opened, she became more vocal than ever at dinner. After getting her belly filled to the brim, she would roll on her back and drift off in the comfort of her blankets, without a care in the world.

sleeping kitten belly

One Cat At a Time

With an incubator to help regulate her body temperature, a sheep mama to provide comfort and round-the-clock care to keep her nourished, Mila not only survived but thrived as a bottle baby.

This little miracle kitten graduated to a spacious playpen where she could exercise her prowess and hone her feline skills.

curious kitten mila

Her personality began to emerge at this ageOne Cat At a Time

The fearless, playful side of Mila emerged along with her discovery of toys and cat trees. She would wrestle with any fuzzy toy strewn about and thrash it with all her might.

When she met the resident dog, she acted as if she were 10 feet tall.

playful kitten dog

One Cat At a Time

When Mila was ready for her next chapter in life, they knew she needed a family with a companion that could keep up with her enthusiasm.

cute kitten bandana

One Cat At a Time

Mila, now Kimchi, settled right into her new home and quickly won over everyone in the house, including the family dog, Stella.

After a week, the two were playing, snuggling and snoozing together constantly.

best friends dog cat

Mila, now Kimchi, has found her best friend, StellaOne Cat At a Time

The tiny orphan never stopped fighting for her life. She has since blossomed into a beautiful cat with a wonderful family to spend her life with.

happy grey kitten

One Cat At a Time

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