Kitten was So Small When He was Found, Now He Fetches ‘Gifts’ for His Humans Each Day

Milo the kitten was so small when he was found. Now, he fetches “gifts” for his humans each day.

cute black kitten, cat toy

MiloChatonsOrphelins Montreal

Milo was just a tiny newborn when he was found by a concerned citizen. He was all alone, hungry, and cold, and his cat mom never came back for him.

Without a mother, he was in desperate need of round-the-clock feedings and lots of TLC. Volunteers of Chatons Orphelins Montreal saw a plea for help for the kitten, and sprang into action.

“The little one arrived safely with us thanks to the volunteers who picked him up and transported him to us,” the rescue shared.

orphaned newborn kitten

He was found outside without a mother or siblingsChatonsOrphelins Montreal

“We named him Milo and he was so tiny, weighing only 102 grams. He was covered in dirt.”

Despite the odds stacked up against Milo, he showed an incredible will to live. They warmed him up with a heat source before feeding. “He finished his first bottle with so much vigor. He was starving.”

newborn kitten bottle feeding

Milo was a great bottle baby from the startChatonsOrphelins Montreal

In just two days, the kitten put on 35 grams and gained a cute, rotund belly. “Milo quickly became attached to his foster mom Milena who fed him every two hours and gave him every chance of surviving.”

Milo continued to make good gains in size and strength. He knocked out one milestone after another, and figured out how to eat from a dish and use the litter box all on his own.

cute house panther kitten

He made good gains every dayChatonsOrphelins Montreal

When Milo was big enough to explore around his room and play, his inquisitive, adventurous personality quickly emerged. He turned into a ball of energy, zooming around the place as if he owned it.

He would climb on his pillow fort and try to pounce on all the air pockets. As soon as he tired out, he would look for his people so he could settle in their lap for a snooze.

pillow kitten snuggly

He became a curious, adventurous, and cuddly kittenChatonsOrphelins Montreal

“He is very affectionate, playful, and social. He loves attention and cuddles,” the rescue shared. “He follows his humans everywhere and makes a wonderful office assistant when they are at the computer.”

Milo needed to know everything his people were doing, and inspected their work in the office like a little supervisor. He rumbled so loudly with his purr motor whenever he was held.

playful kitten milo

ChatonsOrphelins Montreal

As Milo entered the boisterous kitten phase, they discovered his penchant for fetching things.

He would go on a treasure hunt and parade around with his find in his mouth before dropping it off at his foster mom’s feet.

kitten fetching

Milo started carrying things in his mouth and bringing them to his peopleChatonsOrphelins Montreal

He liked to bring toys, a piece of cloth, or other random things. He would look at his foster mom with such pride after presenting his “gift” to her.

“Milo likes to stay close to his people, otherwise, he will meow and seek them out. He loves napping on their lap and neck.”

cute kitten fetching milo

ChatonsOrphelins Montreal

At four months old, Milo graduated from foster care and into his forever home with a family of his dreams. He now has people to cuddle with all the time and still brings gifts to their feet.

cute kitten fetching milo

He looked so proudChatonsOrphelins Montreal

“He arrived alone without a mom, now he has a loving family and all the attention he’s ever wanted.”

kitten hugs feather toy

Milo has found his forever homeChatonsOrphelins Montreal

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