Kitten Trying to Hide for Dear Life Leans into Her People and Starts Purring, It Changes Everything

A kitten who was trying to hide for dear life, leaned into her people one day and started purring. It changed everything.

grey kitten happy

Zoey the kittenCats Are People Too

Donna, an animal rescuer based in OH, spotted an abandoned kitten in a cat colony scrounging for food. She was very hungry but terrified of people, trying desperately to hide.

The kitten was rescued and brought to safety, but she was so scared that she would hiss and cower in a corner. “She doesn’t understand I want to help her. Her little world just got turned upside down, but we all know it was for the better,” Donna shared.

A foster volunteer took her in to socialize, and set out a plan to show the kitten that people aren’t so bad.

shy kitten hiding

She was very scared when she was foundDonna @feralcatcolony

The kitten named Zoey gradually settled into her living space after getting vetted and spayed. She was cautious but slowly warmed up to the comfort of the new environment.

For the first few days, Zoey would tuck her tail and flick her ears back as she hissed and spat. When she realized she was safe, her eyes began to relax, and she allowed her foster mom to pet her.

shy kitten carrier

Donna @feralcatcolony

After a few cuddle sessions, Zoey’s walls started to fall. She mustered up the courage one day to eat in front of her foster mom, instead of waiting for her to leave the room.

“That’s a big deal. She’s looking more relaxed. She’s figuring this whole thing out and why this human is being kind to her.”

shy kitten hiding blanket

Donna @feralcatcolony

Zoey no longer “greeted” her foster mom with hisses, and grew to adore all the head and chin scritches her human could offer. She also discovered her purr motor and the joy of snuggling on a warm lap.

“She learned to accept love. She learned that humans are okay, and that she is safe, forever,” Donna shared.

socializing kitten snuggles

Slowly but surely, Zoey began to learn to trustDonna @feralcatcolony

“She leaned into my hand and started purring. I almost had her roll on her belly for me. I could tell she wanted to. She’s come such a long way.”

When Zoey returned to the vet for a visit, she surprised everyone with her calm and sweet temperament. Zoey gained over one pound, and finally caught up in size for her age of four months.

lap kitten zoey

She turned into a snuggly lap cat once she accepted loveDonna @feralcatcolony

Zoey blossomed into an inquisitive, playful kitty who loved to have fun. “She’s playing and being so incredibly brave. Each day, she’s learning something new.”

As Zoey was getting ready for her next chapter in life, volunteers of Cats Are People, Too! Club offered their assistance. They helped her acclimate to different sounds and visitors at the adoption center.

playful kitten happy zoey

She started to play and ask to be pettedDonna @feralcatcolony

Zoey was doted on by many people, and loving every minute of it. She jumped around and played to her heart’s content and then hopped on a warm lap for snuggles.

“It was so rewarding to see Zoey relax and evolve, but it is time to wrap her journey up and find forever,” Cats Are People, Too! Club, shared.

snuggly kitten

Zoey has blossomed into a love-bugDonna @feralcatcolony

Two days later, the perfect family found their way to her. A couple came to meet Zoey after seeing her post online. It was love at first sight.

“They have a quiet home where one of them works from home, so Zoey can have a lot of attention, and they are way into the cat lover territory.”

kitten petted happy

Zoey found her forever familyCats Are People Too

In just one month, Zoey’s life completely changed. She took a leap of faith to accept love one day and never looked back.

Now, the sweet girl is reveling in her new life with her loving humans at her forever home.

grey kitten happy zoey

Cats Are People Too

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