Kitten Bounces Back from Freezing in Abandoned House, Gains So Much Strength and a Very Happy Ending

A kitten bounced back from freezing in an abandoned house. She gained so much strength and a very happy ending.

tabby kitten cute

Yankee the kittenPuppy Kitty NYCity

Four days ago, Meagan from Puppy Kitty NYCity, an animal rescue in NYC, was notified about a kitten desperately needing help.

A worker at a construction site heard a kitten crying and found a little tabby in an abandoned house. She was very frail and cold, and didn’t have enough strength to hold her head up. Meagan rushed to the location to pick her up as soon as she saw the video message from the finder.

The kitten was all alone without a mother or siblings but showed a strong will to live. Her cries led the people to her whereabouts.

kitten abandoned house

She was found in an abandoned house by a construction workerPuppy Kitty NYCity

When Meagan got the kitten, she brought her into her car and placed her on a heating pad. The kitten stopped crying and started to relax as the warmth percolated through her body.

At one point during her ride to the hospital, the kitten became listless. Meagan was worried that she might not make it, but she was determined to give the little one a fighting chance.

kitten resting on heat pad

Meagan rushed to help the kittenPuppy Kitty NYCity

When they arrived at the vet, the tabby was still breathing and hanging on with all her might. She was immediately given fluids to help her rehydrate while being kept warm the whole time.

With supportive care around the clock, things began to turn around.

tabby kitten rescued

The kitten was very lethargic and barely movingPuppy Kitty NYCity

“I didn’t know she was going to be okay till after I left her at the hospital, and she perked up,” Meagan told Love Meow.

When the kitten woke up after a long nap, she was able to lift her head and even look around her surroundings with newfound strength and curiosity. Despite all the odds stacked up against her, she forged on with such resolve.

tabby kitten miracle

She perked up at the hospital and felt so much better the next dayPuppy Kitty NYCity

“We have a miracle. She has truly come back to life. We can’t believe it and are so happy.”

The kitten whom they named Yankee, bounced back with a voracious appetite and lots of energy. When Meagan picked her up from the hospital yesterday, the tabby didn’t hesitate to show her some cattitude.

kitten tabby cone

Puppy Kitty NYCity

“She is a very feisty little girl, and you can tell she wanted to live, first by crying out for help to the workers in the abandoned house she was found in,” Meagan shared with Love Meow.

Yankee was quick to discover that chin scratches felt good. After a couple of tiny hisses, she turned into mush and melted into Meagan’s hand as she was petting her.

tabby kitten petting

Yankee quickly learned to enjoy being pettedPuppy Kitty NYCity

Yankee has come a long way in just four days. She now enjoys bouncing around the house, pouncing on toys, and checking out every nook and cranny. “We love seeing sweet baby Yankee happy and healthy.”

Many kind people reached out to offer their help during the rescue. One of them ended up being the perfect match for the tabby girl.

happy tabby kitten love

She has found her forever home just in time for Valentine’s DayPuppy Kitty NYCity

“She was on the brink of death when we got to her. Now, she is doing amazing, and we are happy to say that she has found her forever home.”

tabby kitten yankee

Puppy Kitty NYCity

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