Cat Shies Away from Everyone but Starts to Change When He Finds Someone to Trust One Day

A cat shied away from everyone, but started to change when he found someone to trust one day.

shy cat

Theodore the catLiz @lizskittybootcamp

Theodore was found as a street cat braving the harsh outdoors in North Philly. He arrived at Stray Cat Relief with a somber look on his face, and kept his head down the whole time.

He was shut down, barely moved, and didn’t want to interact with anyone. Liz, a cat behaviorist who volunteers for Stray Cat Relief, saw right through his shy exterior and took him on to foster.

“He seemed sad and depressed and wanted to be left alone. The first night I got him, I soon realized he wasn’t aggressive at all, just scared,” Liz told Love Meow.

stray cat indoors

He was rescued from the streets of North PhillyLiz @lizskittybootcamp

Life on the street hadn’t been kind to Theodore. He didn’t have a mean bone in his body, and just needed a chance to feel safe and loved.

“We don’t know how long he was outside, but I think he was indoors and put out. He seems to know human touch.”

stray cat indoors

Liz @lizskittybootcamp

Liz began petting his face, head, and back to show him that she meant good. Theodore didn’t resist the love and stood there as if to soak it all in. Within two days, he grew fond of petting and was willing to sit on Liz’s lap for more pampering.

“I’ve cuddled him at least an hour a day, nearly every day. He still doesn’t approach me when I enter the room, but he’s started smelling my hand when I offer it instead of hiding his face. He will also sometimes stretch out his body while I’m cuddling him.”

cat sad snuggling

He has a sad face, but deep down, he just wants to be lovedLiz @lizskittybootcamp

Theodore made little steps of progress each day, and by the first week, he was enjoying belly rubs in Liz’s arms. “He lets me rub his belly and massage his back paws. He’s such a sweet boy.”

For a long time, Theodore was living with very bad teeth while wandering the streets. He finally received the much-needed dental work, and now, he can eat without discomfort and enjoy his life in full.

cat snuggling theodore

Liz @lizskittybootcamp

His favorite activity is none other than snuggling with the people he trusts. Theodore may have a perpetual sad face, but he turns into the sweetest boy as he melts into his foster mom.

“He’s also not overly active and disinterested in toys. He doesn’t even track with his eyes – that’s not a cat that hunts.” Theodore was born to be a hugger and a lover.

sad cat hug theodore

Liz @lizskittybootcamp

Theodore continues to build confidence in his quiet, comfy foster home where he can relax and snooze all day, with endless hugs and kisses to remind him that he is adored.

snuggly cat theodore

He has blossomed into a cuddly teddy bearLiz @lizskittybootcamp

“He still has a bit to go before he’s ready to be adopted, but I think he’ll make a fantastic cuddly little companion,” Liz told Love Meow.

“He’s also FIV+ but doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body, so he’s safe around other non-aggressive cats.”

sad cat bowtie theodore

Liz @lizskittybootcamp

After a rough start, Theodore is reveling in his new life, making up for lost love and hugs, and being the lovable teddy bear that he ought to be.

happy cat smile theodore

Look at his smileLiz @lizskittybootcamp

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