Cat Living Outside Finds Kind Person Who Doesn’t Give Up on Him, He Turns into a Real Softie

A cat living outside found a kind person who didn’t give up on him. He turned into a real softie.

sweet cross eyed cat

Possum the catJen @pokeypotpie

Tamari, an animal rescuer, was working on a TNR (trap-neuter-return) project in a trailer park in NJ when a stray cat caught her attention.

“I was told by the residents that he was blind and that I would never be able to get him, because he only came around sometimes and was very elusive,” Tamari told Love Meow.

He was living on the streets, scrapping for survival. Despite being told not to try, Tamari’s gut feeling told her otherwise.

stray cat rescue

Tamari @nj_tnr_adventures

She set a few humane traps in the location. None were successful, but that didn’t discourage her. “I was told he used to belong to someone that lived there, but they left him behind when they moved, so I figured there was a chance he was friendly.”

With that in mind, Tamari continued keeping an eye out for “the blind cat” every day over the next three months. Just when she was about to wrap up the rescue work in the area, in came the cat that she’d been looking for.

stray cat rescued

Tamari @nj_tnr_adventures

The cat went under a drop trap for food and was safely captured. “We all thought he was blind — turns out, he’s just cross-eyed.”

He came with an old wound on his leg that had mostly healed. At first, he was terrified and put up a feisty front. “When I first got him, he seems 100% feral, especially since he would try attacking me through his trap.”

stray cat transforms

Possum went from being terrified to purring and accepting loveTamari @nj_tnr_adventures

“For a couple of weeks, he continued to seem feral. Something kept telling me to keep giving it a try, so I did,” Tamari shared with Love Meow.

With more room to decompress, the cat slowly learned to relax. Tamari gently introduced him to touch using a stick. Little by little, he grew more comfortable around his rescuer and started to enjoy being petted.

snuggly cat possum

Jen @pokeypotpie

With lots of patience, the cat named Possum warmed up to Tamari and even allowed her to pet him with her hands. “The moment I knew he was going to be okay was the first time he started purring while I was petting him,” Tamari added.

“He’s clearly a fighter and puts on a tough exterior but is an absolute softie once you get to know him and he gets to know you.”

happy purring cat possum

Jen @pokeypotpie

A month after Possum was taken into cozy indoor life, he revealed himself to be a total snuggle-bug and purr machine.

Possum joined his new foster home through City Kitties DC, a volunteer-based rescue, so he could receive medical treatment, additional care, and start looking for a loving home.

sweet snuggly cat

Possum turned into a real softieJen @pokeypotpie

After some adjusting, Possum came out of his shell and started pining for love. In no time, he was nuzzling his face into his foster mom, Jen, for intense snuggles.

Possum got a much-needed bath to wash out the embedded crud, and a thorough ear cleaning. While he was drying off, another foster cat, Danica, came over to introduce herself by grooming him. The two became fast friends.

cats friends

Possum and Danica became fast friendsJen @pokeypotpie

The new Possum felt refreshed and curious. He explored around his new room before settling comfortably on Jen’s lap. He watched Danica play with toys and was fascinated by it all.

Then one day, Jen came into the room to find Possum playing with a toy for the first time.

cross-eyed cat possum

Jen @pokeypotpie

“I literally squealed in delight. I love seeing him act like a happy, relaxed kitten,” Jen shared with Love Meow.

Now, Possum greets his foster parents when they come in the room, and bounces around gaily from furniture to furniture. “Possum has evolved into a very playful little guy.”

cross eyed cat possum, tongue out cat

Jen @pokeypotpie

He likes to plop down on the floor to vie for his humans’ attention. He may not have the best eyesight, but he gives the most adorable look that no one can resist.

Possum is endearingly goofy and has fully embraced the lap-cat life.

snuggly lap cat

Possum is now a full-fledged lap-catJen @pokeypotpie

“Possum’s gentle nature and sweet disposition are just absolutely amazing given everything he’s been through,” Jen added.

“He wants nothing more than to live a comfortable indoor life with someone who will give him lots of love and cuddles.”

cross eyed cat possum

Jen @pokeypotpie

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