Kitten Has His Wish Come True Right Before New Year’s Eve with His Best Friend for Life

A kitten had his wish come true right before New Year’s Eve with his best friend for life.

tiny cow kitten

Karl the kitten@turtlecatfoster

A tiny 3-week-old kitten ended up at an animal shelter in Tampa, FL, in desperate need of rescue. He was rough around the edges and had severe upper respiratory infections.

Andrea Christian, a volunteer of St. Francis Animal Rescue, offered to take him when no one else did. The kitten named Karl was covered in filth and gasping for air. With an oxygen machine, an incubator, and medicine, Karl started to perk up.

For the first few days, Andrea worked around the clock to ensure that the kitten had food in his belly and was warm and comfortable. She fed him drop by drop until he was strong enough to eat from a syringe.

rescued cow kitten karl

He was rescued at three weeks old, needing a lot of TLC@turtlecatfoster

When Karl had the strength to suckle on his own, Andrea could breathe a sigh of relief. Karl went on to hit many milestones — he figured out the litter box and exercised his legs to run and play.

“His kitten personality was starting to shine. He always came back to check on me to make sure I was near,” Andrea shared with Love Meow.

playful tiny cow kitten

Karl bounced back on his paws and started to play@turtlecatfoster

Karl was nursed back to health through painstaking care. He gained a ravenous appetite and discovered his unbridled energy. He would bounce around the place and crave attention from everyone around him.

Knowing that Karl needed a playmate, Andrea was on the lookout for another foster his age. When a rescued kitten named Derek arrived, Andrea knew just the friend to pair him up with.

shy kitten grey

Derek the kitten@turtlecatfoster

Derek was very wary around people as he hadn’t had much human contact. He would hiss and spit at his foster mom and cower in a corner, trying to be invisible.

When Karl came to greet Derek, the friendly cow kitten immediately sniffed around his new friend and checked out the litter box nearby, as if to show Derek around his new digs.

kittens meet, best friends

It was love at first sight@turtlecatfoster

Derek didn’t hiss once at Karl and even allowed him to put his paw on his face. The two hit it off instantly, and with Karl’s presence, Derek’s demeanor soon changed.

Two days later, the two buddies were scampering around their space, sharing a ball tower toy together. For the first time, Derek was able to stand tall with his tail up, and play his heart out without fear.

kitten snuggling lap

With Karl’s help, Derek slowly came out of his shell@turtlecatfoster

Despite still being a bit shy around people, Derek was coming out of his shell with reassurance from his best friend.

Derek would watch Karl run around the house and climb his foster mom’s legs, demanding snacks. Slowly but surely, he mustered up the courage to join in the fun.

demanding standing kitten

Karl would climb his foster mom’s legs for treats@turtlecatfoster

When the two besties were ready for adoption, Andrea hoped to get them into a wonderful home together for the holidays. Thanksgiving came and went, and then Christmas.

Karl and Derek found themselves patiently waiting for their dream family to come along.

snuggly kittens karl derek

They are best of friends@turtlecatfoster

Right before this New Year’s Eve, a family fell in love with the duo and welcomed them both to their new home.

kittens snugglnig

Karl and Derek were adopted together right before New Year’s Eve@turtlecatfoster

After three months in foster care, the two brothers were adopted together, and they would never be apart.

kneady kittens

They enjoy kneading and making “biscuits” together

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