Wobbly Cat Named Flip Flop Has Big Personality and is ‘Master Escape Artist’

A wobbly cat named Flip Flop has a big personality and is a “master escape artist”.

cute cat loafing

Flip Flop the catErika @communitycatclub

About six months ago, Community Cat Club rescued a very wobbly cat named Flip Flop from a local animal shelter to give her a better chance at finding a good home.

Flip Flop was shy and a bit overwhelmed after having spent a few weeks in the shelter environment. With a quiet space, a cushy bed and the company of her foster parents, she was finally able to relax.

About three weeks in, her true personality emerged. “She started to be a lot more outgoing and quirky,” Erika, foster mom, shared with Love Meow.

sweet gray cat, big eyed cat

Flip Flop is very wobbly due to a condition called Cerebellar HypoplasiaErika @communitycatclub

Flip Flop has Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a neurological condition that affects the cat’s mobility. Despite being very wobbly, she’s figured out her own ways to get around and plays with so much vigor.

When she spots a toy, she gets in her “attack” mode, locks eyes on the target and bunny kicks it into submission.

playful gray cat flip flop

She is very playful and loves wrestling with toysErika @communitycatclub

Her preferred way of transportation around the house is always her humans. “She loves to be around me and my husband, even just being in the same room seems to make her happy.”

Flip Flop is an inquisitive observer, who loves supervising her people with her big doe eyes. She also enjoys looking out the window, watching the neighbors and little critters.

gray cat sweet flip flop

Erika @communitycatclub

“We have a large bay window and she’s such a nosy cat. If she was a person, she’d definitely be the neighborhood gossip.”

Flip Flop is adamant about being in the same room with her foster parents, and nothing can keep her from getting to them. “She cannot be contained.”

cute gray cat flip flop

Erika @communitycatclub

Erika has tried various playpens which allow Flip Flop to play and explore safely, but the tabby girl has a mind of her own – an adventurer that knows no bounds.

“While she can’t stand on her four legs or walk in a straight line, she’s managed to get out of every type of playpen, pet pop-up. She just wants to be with her people as much as possible.”

sweet cat loafing

Flip Flop loves to be with her people at all timesErika @communitycatclub

She’s scaled and hopped large pens and won’t let anything get in her way. Flip Flop has turned into a “master escape artist” and brought so much laughter through her wild antics.

Nothing makes her happier than snuggling on a warm lap. She will doze off to sleep while trying to keep her eyes open.

lap cat sweet flip flop

Erika @communitycatclub

“We got her a clothes hamper to hang out in, so it makes it easier to move her from room to room. Outside of the hamper, we also have a bassinet for her,” Erika told Love Meow.

sleepy cat flip flop

Erika @communitycatclub

“She just generally loves to be in the same area as her people. I’ve also crocheted her a couple cat toys that she likes.”

Flip Flop emanates joy on a daily. It’s hard not to smile being in the same room with her.

cat in bassinet flip flop

Flip Flop enjoys hanging out in her bassinetErika @communitycatclub

She demands to be the center of attention, the queen of the castle, her humans’ one and only. Her wobbliness doesn’t bother her.

sweet cat flip flop

Erika @communitycatclub

“We’d love to find her a forever home where she can be a spoiled only cat and get all the attention that she wants.”

cat judging funny flip flop

Erika @communitycatclub

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