Rescuer Decides to Bring Home Two Lonely Kittens from Shelter, It Turns Out to Be Best Thing Ever

A rescuer decided to bring home two lonely kittens from a shelter. It turned out to be the best thing ever.

cute kittens friends

Taro and JellyAshley

When a 7-week-old tabby kitten arrived at a county shelter last month, staff noticed he had an unusual eye that would need to be evaluated by a specialist.

Ashley, a director of Liberation Cat House, received a plea for help from the shelter and leapt into action. “Jelly (the kitten) was a bit hissy with me at first, but that’s not unusual for a kitten who was probably picked up off of the streets,” Ashley shared with Love Meow.

On the first night in a foster home, Jelly slept soundly in his comfy bed with a full belly. Once he realized he was safe, he turned into a little attention-seeker.

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With good food and great care, Jelly healed up from an infection. As soon as he gained pep under his feet, he started bouncing around the room.

“The eye doctor said that Jelly’s eye looks healthy and normal, and he does have vision in that eye, but the globe of his eye points upward instead of forward. There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with Jelly. He just looks a bit different,” Ashley told Love Meow.

kitten cross eyed jelly


As much as Jelly adored the company of his people, he clearly needed a kitten friend. “It can be hard being a single kitten because they want to play, but they get bored playing by themselves.”

Thankfully, there was another kitten itching to meet him. At the time when Ashley was picking up Jelly from the shelter, she decided to take on another singleton who would also need a friend. “I asked if they had any others (like Jelly).”

kitten cross eyed jelly


The shelter staff brought her a ginger and white kitten named Taro who needed some extra TLC. “He was only a week younger than Jelly but rather small for his age.”

Taro was shy at first but warmed up to Ashley after a snuggle session on her lap. He started purring up a storm and licking Ashley’s hand as if to thank her for taking him in.

sweet ginger white kitten


The little guy was constantly looking for a buddy to play and nap with.

He was also struggling with single kitten syndrome since he didn’t have littermates to show him how to interact and play appropriately.

tiny kitten rescue taro


Once Jelly and Taro were ready to meet, they made a beeline to each other and started sniffing around. In no time, they were playing, wrestling and zipping around the room until they tired out and curled up into a bed together.

The two buddies accepted each other right off the bat as if they had always been littermates.

kitten best friends

Jelly and Taro became instant friendsAshley

With Jelly around, Taro immediately showed improvement in his food intake. “I was having to syringe-feed Taro some at first. He wasn’t a great eater, but now that he sees Jelly eating, he eats more too.”

Their personalities are also rubbing off on each other. Taro has always been a little purr machine, so Jelly has amped up his motor to keep up with his brother.

kitten best friends

They do everything togetherAshley

“They’re also more curious now – having a cat friend gives them the confidence to want to explore.”

It hasn’t been a week yet, but Jelly and Taro are joined at the hip, sharing the same bed and doing everything as a duo. “When they are not napping, they run, wrestle and chase toys together.”

kittens best friends snuggles


“They’re both very sweet, loving, playful boys. It’s incredibly heartwarming to see how much happier and more playful they are now that they have a friend.”

kitten friends bed


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