Parking Lot Cat Transforms into People ‘Supervisor’ When Someone Takes a Chance on Him

A cat who was living in a parking lot, transformed into a people “supervisor” when someone took a chance on him.

orange tabby cat

Little Wanderers NYC

An orange tabby had spent many years on the streets of the South Bronx, scrounging for food and weathering the elements.

“He lived in the parking lot of a dialysis center and was fed by patients and a few nurses who really cared about him,” Little Wanderers NYC, an all-volunteer animal rescue, shared.

When the cat was going down hill with health issues, a Good Samaritan reached out to Little Wanderers NYC for help.

stray cat orange

Little Wanderers NYC

The cat was rough around the edges, walking with a slight limp. He was too hungry to resist food, and with the use of a humane trap, volunteer rescuers were able to get him to safety.

They discovered that he was missing most of his teeth, starting to show symptoms of a cat cold, and his limp was the result of an old fracture.

orange stray cat

Davita was found as a stray living in a parking lotLittle Wanderers NYC

They named him Davita after the place he was found, and arranged for a foster home for the deserving cat. After getting the medical attention he needed, he joined a volunteer in her home and started to learn to trust.

He was very scared at first and would hiss when he was approached. Despite being wary of human touch, he seemed inquisitive about his new environment and toys.

stray cat rescued indoors

Little Wanderers NYC

With a quiet place to decompress and reassurance from his foster mom, Davita began to warm up to her.

Every day he felt a little more confident and curious about people. As his hisses waned, his eyes started to relax. He had a ravenous appetite and would scarf down his food as if there were no tomorrow.

stalking cat orange tabby

Little Wanderers NYC

He began to realize that he no longer had to worry about where his next meal would come from, and that he was safe from the elements and the unknown of the outdoors.

“After a few months in foster care, he has blossomed. Now, he loves to walk up to people just so he can be pet,” Little Wanderers NYC shared.

supervisor cat staring

Little Wanderers NYC

“He is also a stalker to his foster parent, following her around and always needing his body to be touching a part of her. He even snuggles next to her feet when she uses her standing desk to work.”

Wherever his foster mom goes, he stealthily follows. He’s become the supervisor of the house, watching his people with his big doe eyes.

supervisor cat

He likes to supervise his people and follow them around the houseLittle Wanderers NYC

Davita has made a full recovery and can run and jump briskly again with kitten-like energy. He will chase after any moving toy with so much intensity that nothing can escape his grasp.

“When he’s in a zoomies mode, he’ll zoom around playing with his toys or scrunching up his towel. As much as he likes to play, however, if he hasn’t received enough pets or love for the day, he prefers to be pet more than playing.”

playful orange cat

Little Wanderers NYC

Davita has an endearing meow, and he likes to make his voice heard when it comes to meal time.

He’s charmed every person who has met him, and he’s friendly and loving even with strangers. “(Without a foster home), we’d never have gotten to know how much he adores human company.”

sweet orange cat bedtime

Little Wanderers NYC

“This is why we say to take a chance on the shy ones, the overlooked ones, the ones who don’t warm up to you right away. With patience and love, they come around and the experience is so fulfilling.”

stalking cat orange tabby

Little Wanderers NYC

“There are many misunderstood cats who get judged based on first impressions, but they deserve a chance to blossom just like Davita.”

The tabby boy is ready to find a place of his own, where he will be loved and spoiled endlessly.

happy snuggly cat

Little Wanderers NYC

A few months ago, Davita was afraid of people while he was trying to survive the streets.

Now, he will confidently seek attention and affection and supervise his humans everywhere around the house.

sweet orange cat tabby

Little Wanderers NYC

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