Orange Cat with Extra Toes Wanders onto Porch, Keeps Hanging Around Until He Gets What He Wanted

An orange cat with extra toes wandered onto someone’s porch. He kept hanging around until he got what he wanted.

orange cat loafing

Ernie the catLittle Wanderers NYC

An orange cat showed up on a resident’s porch on Staten Island, NY, peering into their house through the glass. The resident offered him some food and noticed that he had extra toes on his front paws.

The polydactyl came back for sustenance regularly and became very comfortable there. It was clear that he didn’t have a home to go to, and that he had been wandering outside for some time.

The tabby decided to hang out on the porch and waited for the door to open.

stray cat porch door

He showed up on the porch one dayLittle Wanderers NYC

When the door cracked open one day, the clever tabby sauntered right in, as if he was ready to leave the outdoor life, once and for all.

The resident who is very allergic and can’t keep the cat inside, reached out to an animal rescue, Little Wanderers NYC, for help. Volunteers of the rescue sprang into action.

stray cat orange ernie

Little Wanderers NYC

When they arrived to pick up the cat, they were met with a sweet, friendly tabby, vying for their attention and head scritches. He turned into mush as soon as he was petted, and would rub against his human friends for more.

“A whole community came together and we are so grateful. It helps us to keep up hope and continue our high volume rescue,” Little Wanderers NYC shared with Love Meow.

cat happy extra toes

Ernie was very friendly and so happy to be savedLittle Wanderers NYC

Amanda, who fosters for the rescue, welcomed the tabby boy into her home. He was lovingly named Ernie, and he quickly made an impression on her.

After exploring around his new space, he lay down on the floor, stretching his toe beans and rumbling with his purr motor.

orange cat ernie

He quickly settled into his foster homeLittle Wanderers NYC

“Ernie is so grateful to be indoors. He was super snuggly right off the bat – purring, head-butting, making biscuits, giving kisses, the works,” Amanda told Love Meow.

When he saw Amanda’s hand, he untucked one of his arms from a perfect loaf and placed his giant mitten on her.

orange tabby cat ernie

Little Wanderers NYC

After roaming the streets and braving the elements, Ernie couldn’t be happier now that he has a roof over his head, good food, soft things, and people to love on.

The sweet boy is hungry for affection and has so much to give.

orange tabby cat ernie

He has big paws with “thumbs”Little Wanderers NYC

In no time, Ernie hopped onto the big bed and plopped down on the blankets and pillows, making himself at home.

That night, he insisted on being petted and adored and wouldn’t let go of his foster mom, making up for lost time.

sleepy orange cat

Ernie has found his favorite place to napLittle Wanderers NYC

Ernie is reveling in his new life as an indoor cat. He is not ready to mingle with the feline residents yet, but he is content as can be, snoozing away all day.

“I have a feeling that once I fatten him up a bit, he’s going to be quite the gentle giant,” Amanda added.

orange tabby cat big paws

Little Wanderers NYC

The sweet teddy bear makes the biggest stretches while lying on the bed. Then he rolls around on his favorite blanket, in pure bliss.

“He is into snuggling, napping, and gazing out the window. He’s been playing a little bit, testing out some toys I’ve put out.”

sleeping orange cat ernie

Little Wanderers NYC

Sometimes, it takes a village to save one cat. With the help of many volunteers from Little Wanderers NYC, the porch kitty has blossomed into a house cat with a bright future ahead of him.

handsome orange cat ernie

Little Wanderers NYC

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