Lone Kitten Spotted on Cold Rainy Day, Now Plays Hard but Hugs Even Harder

A lone kitten who was spotted on a cold rainy day, now plays hard but hugs even harder.

cute tabby kitten


It was a cold, rainy day when a Good Samaritan spotted a little tabby alone outside, soaked in rain water. The kitten was barely moving and desperately needed rescue.

While the finder was seeking help for the kitten, Natasha who had previously adopted from Wrenn Rescues, was able to lend a hand. The kitten was cold, so she warmed him up with the heater in her car, and he started to come back to life.

Wrenn Rescues immediately arranged for a foster home, so the kitten could be cared for around the clock. The tabby was too frail to eat from a bottle, but with a warm bed and supportive care, he perked up the next day.

tabby kitten hold hands


Erin the foster mom named the kitten Yuuki, and he was a little warrior. Despite being significantly small for his age, Yuuki was scrappy and had a lot of fight in him.

When his appetite returned, he started putting on weight, and his energy also increased. It was then Erin could breathe a sigh of relief.

tiny tabby kitten sleeping


The kitten turned out to be quite the hugger. After each feeding, he spent plenty of time cuddling with his foster mom, wanting her constant attention. Erin gifted him a little lamb plushy, so he wouldn’t be alone.

Yuuki needed a friend to snuggle and rough house with, and Erin knew just the perfect one to pair him up with.

cute kitten lamb toy

Yuuki was the size of his lamb plushyErin

A few days prior to Yuuki’s arrival, an orphaned kitten, Hiro, was found in a car and brought into Erin’s care. “He was also lonely with no siblings or mom, so we knew we would need to find him a buddy,” Erin shared with Love Meow.

When the two were finally ready for a meet-and-greet, it was as though they had always been littermates. Hiro is about one week younger than Yuuki, but he was the bigger one.

cute kitten big eyes


In no time, the two started playing, wrestling with each other, and Yuuki quickly claimed the title as the rambunctious brother.

“Yuuki has done a complete 180 from being a scared, underweight kitten to a chunky goofball. He is straight energy cuteness.”

kittens best friends

They hit it off right awayErin

The two brothers from different mothers are opposite in many ways but complement each other perfectly.

“Hiro is content to sit in your lap and purr loudly. Yuuki is crazy and wild. He loves to nibble toes, race around, and meow at you for snuggles,” Erin shared.

kittens brothers playful


“They are both hilariously clumsy at this age, but they keep getting back up and charging forward.”

When Yuuki started having his first solid food from a plate, Hiro insisted on doing the same. Despite being one week apart in age, they were weaning next to each other like two peas in a pod.

kittens lap cats


Yuuki is a little troublemaker constantly plotting his next antic. He’s stealthy, fast, and always on the go. With his unbridled energy, he keeps his brother on his toes.

When he finally tires out, he will curl up comfortably on his foster mom’s lap (often with Hiro) and fall fast asleep.

lap tabby kitten

He enjoys lap time with his foster momErin

“Yuuki plays hard but naps even harder. This boy can sleep anywhere – upside down, loafing, shoulder surfing. When he is ready for a snooze, he goes all in.”

shoulder kitten tabby

He likes to nap on shoulders tooErin

Yuuki used to be the same size as his lamb plushy, but now he’s outgrown it completely. He’s boisterous, mischievous, and silly, but he gives the best hugs in the house and loves sitting in a lap for naps.

tabby kitten toy

Yuuki has outgrown his lamb plushyErin

The two kittens are thriving side by side, and Yuuki couldn’t be happier to have a wonderful family to cater to his every whim and a foster brother to grow up with.

snuggly tabby kitten

His favorite time is snuggle timeErin

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