Kitten Weary of Living in the Outdoors is Thrilled to Be Inside One Day, She Can’t Stop Having Fun

A kitten who was weary of living in the outdoors, was thrilled to be inside one day. She couldn’t stop having fun.

cute sweet kitten

Jordi the kittenNikki Martinez

When Nikki Martinez, an animal rescuer based in Las Vegas, came across a pitiful, sickly kitten, she knew she had to help. The kitten was living on the streets in a feral cat colony until she was secured by a fellow rescuer, David.

She was just skin and bones, weighing less than two pounds. Her nose was stuffy, and she was so tired that she could barely keep her eyes open.

Nikki noticed her right away after she was rescued and offered to take her in to care for her. “She was very sick with an upper respiratory infection,” Nikki told Love Meow.

stray kitten rescue

She was very tired and sickly when she was rescuedNikki Martinez

The kitten was lovingly named Jordi-Lee. She was placed in a comfy space with lots of blankets and good food. With proper medical care and plenty of TLC, she was on the mend.

David not only made sure that Jordi was safe, but also “spayed and neutered the entire colony to prevent more kittens from suffering on the streets.”

sweet happy kitten

Jordi was so grateful to be in a safe homeNikki Martinez

In just 24 hours, Jordi could see a lot clearer and breathe much easier. With her improved appetite, came new-found strength. After a few days of healing, her kitty cold cleared up, and her energy level soared.

As soon as Jordi felt pep under her paws, she started to play and have fun.

sweet panther kitten jordi

She looked and felt so much better after just one dayNikki Martinez

Jordi was fearless and friendly, so when she met the resident pup, Bradley, she was immediately intrigued and greeted her with her puffy tail, big hops and side strides.

“She’s a sweet, independent little lady who gets along with cats, dogs and people. She knows how to keep herself busy.”

dog kitten friends

Jordi met Bradley the pupNikki Martinez

Jordi became a ball of unbridled energy and was constantly on the lookout for fun things to do.

Whenever she stumbled upon a new toy, she would make the best of it by playing to her heart’s content. No toy was left untouched under her watch.

happy energetic kitten

Nikki Martinez

Jordi spent almost every second of her waking hours playing and creating mischief. “It’s zoomies and playtime 24/7. I think she’d do great with a friendly dog or cat companion. She’s such a fun little kitty.”

With that thought in mind, Jordi’s search for her forever home commenced.

playful happy kitten

She turned into a playful, boisterous kittenNikki Martinez

Within a day after she went up for adoption, Jordi landed the family of her dreams.

A loving couple fell head over heels for the little dynamo and knew she would make a wonderful addition to their family and the perfect companion to their resident cat, Kitty.

sweet panther kitty cat jordi

Nikki Martinez

After a long evening exploring her new home, Jordi made herself comfortable on a big bed and claimed it as her throne. When she met her new feline sister, Kitty, it was love at first sight.

Jordi began her series of playful greetings and was on a mission to win Kitty over.

kitten cat friends

Jordi and her new sister Kitty@sweet_jordi_lee

After a few days of getting to know each other, the two started romping around the house, chasing one another, as if they had always been siblings.

playful cat kitten

Jordi was determined to win Kitty over@sweet_jordi_lee

A couple of weeks after arriving, Jordi joined her sister Kitty as they curled up on their human’s lap together for a lovely purr-filled cuddle session.

Now, Jordi has a whole family to play with her, and she couldn’t be happier.

kitten cat best friends

They are now best of friends@sweet_jordi_lee

From fending for herself on the streets to being loved and spoiled at her forever home, Jordi is shining like a bright star with her family. “She is right where she belongs.”

kitten forever home jordi


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