Community Cat Living in a Garden Decides to Give Indoor Life a Try, Soon After She Has Kittens Under Cat Tree

A community cat who was living in a garden, decided to give indoor life a try. Soon after she had kittens under a cat tree.

cat mom kitten

Anne @fosterkittens_be

A family spotted a scrawny cat in their backyard and offered her some food. She appeared to be feral but decided to stay in their garden, so she could be fed every day.

As her body began to fill out, the family noticed that her belly also expanded. They suspected that she might be pregnant and contacted their local animal rescue for help.

“They reached out to the rescue organization I foster for (@katzoektthuis), and fortunately, I was able to take her in,” Anne told Love Meow.

community cat indoors

PennyAnne @fosterkittens_be

The cat was lovingly named Penny, and she was brought indoors likely for the first time in her life.

Penny accepted a quiet, comfortable room but was adamant about keeping her distance from people. Anne set up several nesting places for her, but somehow Penny was drawn to the cat tree from the get-go.

cat tree penny

She was immediately drawn to the cat treeAnne @fosterkittens_be

She got up as soon as Anne entered the room, cautiously emerged from her hideout and made her way to her food bowl, ready to feast.

A few days later, Penny went into labor. To everyone’s surprise, she chose to have her kittens under the cat tree despite having several birthing suites.

cat kittens nursing

Penny gave birth to a litter of four under the cat treeAnne @fosterkittens_be

Penny brought four healthy and chunky kittens into the world. She had been scarfing down all the food she could get since the day she showed up at the family’s home.

She was very protective of her precious four and kept her nest off limits to humans.

cat snuggling kittens

Anne @fosterkittens_be

She would wrap her arms around her kittens to keep them within the nest, and gently pull them into her arms if they tried to wander off.

As the kittens grew bigger and stronger, they would venture out to explore more, and even Penny couldn’t hold them back.

cat hugs kitten protective

Anne @fosterkittens_be

“When the kittens were around three weeks old, I finally had the chance to interact with them. As they started wobbling around, their curiosity towards me grew,” Anne shared with Love Meow.

They immediately took a liking to their foster mom. Kaya, the most adventurous one, approached Anne first, and the rest of the kitten crew followed suit.

kittens playful cat tree

Kamille, Kaya and KikiAnne @fosterkittens_be

Penny wasn’t thrilled but kept a watchful eye on her kittens as they toured around the room and bonded with their foster mom. “Even the tiniest kitten squeak would prompt her to protectively approach.”

“These girls are outgoing and incredibly curious about me.”

hissy cat kittens

Anne @fosterkittens_be

“Kiki and Kaya are ready to conquer the world. Their sister Kamille is a bit more cautious, but once she sees the fun her siblings are having, she quickly joins in. Koa on the other hand is the ultimate mama’s boy, and he never strays far from her side.”

The kittens will climb on Anne’s lap for snuggles and curl up in her arms for extra attention.

lap kitten sweet

Anne @fosterkittens_be

Penny who was never socialized at a young age, is still very wary of people but seems to know that her kittens are in good hands. “Whether she becomes more sociable or not, we will find a suitable home for her,” Anne shared.

kitten snuggling cat mom

Koa is a mama’s boyAnne @fosterkittens_be

“She will be spayed and receive all necessary medical care. If she decides that living indoors with people isn’t for her, she will have a fulfilling life as a barn cat, under the care of people who appreciate her.”

The kittens still have a lot of growing to do and feline skills to hone.

kitten copies cat

Anne @fosterkittens_be

Penny has taught them how to keep up with their personal hygiene and climb the cat tree in which they were born.

Now, she gets to revel in her favorite piece of cat furniture together with her little mini-mes.

cat family tree kittens

Anne @fosterkittens_be

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