Coconut the Kitten Arrives as Bottle Baby, Decides to Go Around Giving Other Cats and Dogs Affection

Coconut the kitten who arrived as a bottle baby, decided to go around giving other cats and dogs affection.

cat kitten snuggling

Coconut the kitten and Bubblegum the catAlley Cat Rescue

Coconut was an orphaned kitten when she was brought into Alley Cat Rescue along with her sister Mocha. She was an instant love-bug and eager to be catered to by her foster carers.

The marshmallow kitten quickly became a champion bottle baby. At feeding time, Coconut would hold onto her human with her paw and wiggle her ears intently as she gobbled down the formula.

“She held hands/paws while drinking from the bottle,” Alley Cat Rescue shared.

kitten holding paws

Coconut likes to hold hands at feeding timeAlley Cat Rescue

Coconut was a full-time snuggler from the start. After each meal, she would cuddle up to her sister or wrap her arms around her, and purr herself to sleep.

She also liked to drape her body over Mocha to give a full bear hug. When Mocha wanted a break from all the affection, Coconut held even tighter and wouldn’t let go.

kittens snuggling napping

Coconut and MochaAlley Cat Rescue

Once the two were big enough to eat from a dish, they were introduced to other kittens, a foster kitty extraordinaire named Bubblegum and a cat-friendly dog named Zoey.

“It seems that Coconut is deaf. A high percentage of white cats with two blue eyes are. It does not slow her down at all, and she is running around and playing with her best friend Mocha.”

coconut kitten cute

Alley Cat Rescue

Coconut was ecstatic to have so many new friends around her that she went on a mission to give them all a dose of her affection.

She immediately befriended Bubblegum who was rescued as a bottle baby himself and has a soft spot for foster kittens. Bubblegum took the newcomers under his wing and instantly gained a clingy little friend.

brave kitten cat

Coconut greeted Bubblegum from a running vacuum robotAlley Cat Rescue

Coconut hopped onto a running vacuum robot so she could greet Bubblegum at eye level. “Coconut is totally unafraid of anything.”

After getting her play session in, she followed Bubblegum into a comfy bed, curled up next to him, nuzzled her nose into his fur, and went right to sleep.

kitten snuggles cat

She curled up next to her cat buddy for a napAlley Cat Rescue

Zoey the resident dog came to meet the new foster kittens and was immediately loved on by the enthusiastic marshmallow kitten.

Coconut rubbed her face all over her canine friend and then snuggled up against her belly, so they could sit together.

kitten snuggling dog

Coconut befriended Zoey the dogAlley Cat Rescue

She is so small compared to Zoey, but if she sets her mind on something, she won’t take no for an answer.

The brave, sassy, affectionate kitten is growing by leaps and bounds along with her other foster friends. She is getting very playful and curious and doesn’t want to miss out on any action.

kitten dog snuggling, coconut kitten

She insisted on a cuddle session with her canine friendAlley Cat Rescue

When Bubblegum got a new cat bed and went in to try it out, it wasn’t long before Coconut got wind of it and happily joined him in his new hut.

cat kitten snuggles

Coconut joined Bubblegum in his new bedAlley Cat Rescue

Despite being rescued as an orphan, Coconut has never stopped loving life and everyone around her. She continues to shower others with snuggles every single day.

sleeping kittens

Coconut is in a cuddle puddle with other foster kittensAlley Cat Rescue

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