Cat Who Acted Feral for Most of His Life, Changes Completely One Day When He’s No Longer Outside

A cat who acted feral for most of his life, changed completely one day when he was no longer outside.

happy tabby cat

Shane the cat@shanethecheekycat

A tomcat spent his first two years braving the elements, fending for himself on the streets of the Bronx. When he was rescued to be neutered, he was acting very feral in the crate, not letting anyone near him.

Rescuers at PuppyKittyNYCity noticed that he had an injured tail that needed treatment and time to heal. On the day of his arrival, “caution” was written on his chart, but a few days later, a note was added that said, “super sweet”.

“One day, he just flopped over and decided he was friendly. This guy is a complete love-bug,” Meagan Licari, president of the rescue, shared.

chubby cheeks cat

He was very feral when he was rescued. A few days later, things started to changePuppyKittyNYCity

“We are thankful we have this space in order to evaluate these guys. Even though they acted aggressive a lot of time, it was just fear. They ended up being friendly, and they just needed a little bit of time.”

The tabby with chubby cheeks was named Shane after the rescuer who brought him to safety.

snuggly tabby cat

Shane flopped over one day and decided to lovePuppyKittyNYCity

Within a few days indoors, Shane warmed up to everyone at the rescue. He would reach his paws out for attention and ask to have his cheeks and chin scratched.

He was so relaxed that his tongue would stick out slightly, as if he was smiling.

sweet tabby cat smile


Shane rediscovered his inner kitten when he started playing and chasing after toys. Not only did he win over every person he met, but also other cats.

He would lounge comfortably on a cat bed or over a scratcher, and was always ready to have his belly rubbed. He was the most chill cat and had a ravenous appetite.

happy tabby cat friendly

He’s up for anything and loves all people@shanethecheekycat

Shane played hard but snuggled even harder. Whenever he was petted, he turned into mush and leaned into his human with his eyes closed, beaming with a smile.

“He loves head scritches, playing with wand toys and spending time with humans.”

tabby cat smile shane

He often wears an adorable smilePuppyKittyNYCity

Shane often joined Meagan at her desk and offered his “assistance” by sitting on her lap. This former feral tom found love and made it his mission to never be alone again.

He would follow his people everywhere and hop onto their lap or nuzzle into their arms whenever he could.

snuggly tabby cat sleeping

He is a complete love-bug@shanethecheekycat

After two years roaming the streets and two months with PuppyKittyNYCITY, Shane was officially adopted into a loving home. In no time, he bonded with his forever humans, joined them on the couch and watched TV with them.

Now, Shane enjoys his power naps on his back with his paws in the air and mouth semi-opened.

sleeping tabby cat shane


He is living like a king, getting brushed, massaged and cuddled on demand.

When Shane had a feline visitor, Mr. Gus, over for a month, he welcomed him in with open paws. Before they knew it, Shane was snuggling with Mr. Gus and falling asleep next to him.

cat friends snuggling

Shane and Mr. Gus@shanethecheekycat

Shane got a chance to live indoors and decided it was where he belonged. He befriended lots of volunteers and touched many hearts along the way.

He’s since found his happily ever after and is living everyday to the fullest.

sweet cat tabby

Happy and loved@shanethecheekycat

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