Cat Went from Hiding Under Tool Box Away from Other Street Cats to Being in People’s Arms in 2 Days

A cat went from hiding under a tool box away from other street cats to being in people’s arms in two days.

calico cat happy home

Chiffon the calico catLittle Wanderers NYC

A Good Samaritan from the Bronx reached out to their local (all-volunteer) animal rescue, Little Wanderers NYC, about a stray cat hiding away under a tool case.

The young calico was chased and antagonized by tomcats from the area while she was scrounging around for food. She would race to any nearby refuge, hiding “underneath furniture and inside car engines to get away.”

“This last attack was the final straw for her, and she hid under a tool box in a workman’s shed,” Little Wanderers NYC shared.

stray cat hiding

She was found being chased and attacked by tomcatsLittle Wanderers NYC

The finder told the rescue that the cat was very frightened and that they wanted to get her out of the situation and into somewhere safe.

Volunteers of Little Wanderers NYC immediately put a plan into action for the calico. Once they brought the cat to safety, they transported her to a vet clinic for a wellness check.

calico cat indoors

It took a village, but Chiffon was rescued and finally off the streetsLittle Wanderers NYC

In a timely fashion, the rescue arranged for a foster home for the cat whom they named Chiffon, so she could start her new chapter in a comfortable, secure environment.

After a long ordeal, Chiffon stepped paw into her foster home. It didn’t take long for her to come out of her shell and start seeking affection.

calico cat sweet

She came out of her shell and started seeking attention from her peopleLittle Wanderers NYC

After exploring around her new space, she got some food in her belly and hung out with members of her foster family. She gave each of them a share of her love and took a liking to their beds.

In less than 48 hours, Chiffon’s life completely changed. She got to sleep soundly with her people on their big bed at night, far away from the precarious life on the streets.

calico cat snuggling chiffon

She has turned into a snuggle-bugLittle Wanderers NYC

She likes to wriggle her way to her humans and even wrap her legs around them, as if to thank them for taking her in. With good food, a comfy place and plenty of TLC, Chiffon has put on weight, and her sweet-natured, adoring personality is shining through.

The calico girl loves being in the presence of her people as they make her feel safe and loved.

snuggly calico cat chiffon

She enjoys napping on the big bed with her humansLittle Wanderers NYC

She likes to roll around on the big bed and spend ample time lounging about, lying on her back without a care in the world.

Chiffon will never have to spend another day in the outdoors. She’s reveling in the comfort of being a house cat, cozying up to any soft things she can scour.

happy relaxed calico cat

Now, Chiffon spends a lot of time lounging aboutLittle Wanderers NYC

Nothing makes her happier than cuddling with her people. She has quickly gotten used to being loved and is giving plenty of love in return.

The beautiful calico is now ready to find a place of her own, where she will be cherished and spoiled for life.

snuggly calico cat chiffon

She loves to be held and adoredLittle Wanderers NYC

About five days ago, Chiffon was trying to survive the harsh streets. Now, she is thriving with his foster family, napping through the day, living the life she’s always wanted.

calico cat chiffon

Little Wanderers NYC

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