Cat Walks into Crate Ready to Move Indoors So Her Three Kittens Can Have What She Can’t Provide

A cat walked into a crate ready to move indoors, so her three kittens could have what she couldn’t provide.

three gray kittens hugs


A Montreal-based animal rescuer was helping community cats that had found their way to a lady’s backyard, when she came across a very pregnant and hungry young cat.

The cat walked right into a crate that the rescuer had set out, as if she was ready to be taken off the streets and into somewhere safe.

“She was just a young cat with a belly bursting at the seams. She looked like she was about to give birth at any time,” Celine of ChatonsOrphelinsMontreal share.

rescued stray pregnant cat


Celine received the request to help the expectant mom and didn’t hesitate to take her in. The cat was ensconced in a comfortable nursery at a foster home, with plenty of food and blankets at her disposal.

Despite being a bit nervous at first, she was eager for affection and wanted to be petted.

stray cat pregnant


“We named her Bellatrix, and she quickly sought attention from her foster mom. On the first day home, she purred and revealed her belly for rubs.”

Not long after she settled into her nest, she was ready to give birth. Bellatrix brought three healthy gray kittens into the world in the span of two hours.

gray newborn kittens


After the babies were cleaned and nestled up on their mom’s belly, the foster carer noticed that something was off. The kittens weren’t growing and some even started to lose weight.

It quickly dawned on her that Bellatrix didn’t have any milk.

kitten bottle feeding


“She was a wonderful mom, cleaning her babies, purring nonstop, but there was no milk, and she needed help.”

Volunteers immediately started bottle feeding the trio around the clock. After each meal, Bellatrix took over, cleaning, pottying and giving the kittens the best care she could provide.

kittens nursing cat


“The first few days were critical for the kittens. They were bottle-fed every hour to ensure the best chance at survival. Those nights were sleepless for the foster volunteers.”

Bellatrix’s milk production slowly started to kick in after a few days. The kittens nursed on their mom while getting supplemented throughout the day. They quickly gained a rotund belly and moved around the nest with their newfound energy.

gray kittens nursing cat


“For the first two weeks of their lives, their mom didn’t have enough milk to feed them, but thanks to their foster family, they were able to thrive.”

Over the next few weeks, the trio grew by leaps and bounds and crossed many milestones along the way. When they were weaned, they were primed to create mayhem around the house, chasing each other nonstop until they tired out.

grey kittens cuddles


“They are triplets who look alike, but they all have their own personalities. Lunard is the smallest and most curious. He likes to watch what we are doing and follows us around.

“Patmol is the most playful of all. He can turn anything into a toy and loves to be the center of attention. His brother Cornedrue is the most laid-back, a teddy bear at heart. When he naps, he will get in as close to you as possible.”

grey kittens playful


Bellatrix is officially retiring from motherhood. She is spending most of her time doing what she loves – snuggling with her people and playing like a kitten again.

She will never have to go through another pregnancy or worry about food and shelter. She’s purring constantly knowing she’s loved and that her kittens are in good hands.

sleeping gray kittens


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