Cat Sitting in Front of a House Wanting to Get in Now Has People to Cuddle All Day

A cat who was found sitting in front of a house wanting to get in, now has loving people to cuddle with all day.

street cat waiting

Little Wanderers NYC

About a month ago, a stray cat was seen outside a resident’s home in Bronx, NY. He was rough around the edges, staying close to the door, trying to find somewhere warm.

A Good Samaritan noticed the cat who didn’t have a home, and couldn’t leave him out to fend for himself. She reached out to Little Wanderers NYC, a local animal rescue, for help. “The cat was cold and sitting in front of this house waiting to come indoors. We know he deserves better than this,” the rescue shared.

Little Wanderers NYC immediately arranged for a volunteer to rush to the cat’s rescue. Roz sprang into action.

stray cat waiting

He was found sitting in front of a houseLittle Wanderers NYC

With the help of a friend, Roz was able to bring the cat to safety and provide foster care for the deserving boy. He bade farewell to the outdoor life that day and never looked back.

The cat who was named Corrado Jr., was a bit shy and wary at first, trying to figure out his new space. Once he got settled in, his demeanor quickly changed.

cat rescued

The cat was rescued and named Corrado Jr.Little Wanderers NYC

Corrado Jr. was very dirty and scruffy, and tested positive for FIV, which is common among tomcats who have lived on the streets for a long period.

With the realization that he no longer had to fight for food and shelter, he began to come out of his shell.

stray cat indoors

Little Wanderers NYC

After a few days of decompressing and adjusting, Corrado Jr. let out the sweetest little meow as if to thank his rescuer for taking him in.

He scarfed down every meal as if there was no tomorrow. He got a much-needed bath a few days after arrival and was ready to socialize.

former stray cat, cuddly cat

He melted into his foster momLittle Wanderers NYC

When the former street cat curled up in his foster mom’s arms for the first time, he turned into mush and felt very content as if he was in heaven.

The sweet boy was wrapped in a soft blanket and cradled like a baby. He was so comfortable and relaxed that he fell fast asleep.

cuddly cat happy

Little Wanderers NYC

Corrado Jr. was lucky to be found and rescued from the bitter cold. “It’s been a brutal winter and the (rescue) requests are endless. We are doing our very best to get to all of them,” Little Wanderers NYC shared.

With a roof over his head and reassurance from his people, his walls started to come down, and he opened his heart to seek love. “He let his personality shine, head-butting and allowing you to embrace him and nap together.”

snuggly cat

Corrado Jr. loves being held, and has so much to giveLittle Wanderers NYC

“He has one of the cutest and most unique meows in the world.”

Corrado Jr. gets along with other cats, but has a desire to be his people’s one and only. After braving the streets for likely most of his life, he is making up for all the missed love and cuddles now that he’s indoors.

former street cat home

Little Wanderers NYC

The sweet boy loves nothing more than being held and snuggled. He enjoys rubbing his face on his people and tries to soak up every bit of affection.

In just a few weeks, Corrado Jr. has blossomed into a cuddly teddy bear with a sweet-natured temperament and so much to give.

snuggly cat happy

Little Wanderers NYC

Corrado Jr. was sitting outside that house on that fateful day, hoping for some food and warm shelter.

It took a village, but now, he is reveling in the life he’s always wanted, and will never have to spend another day on the street.

cat happy indoors

Little Wanderers NYC

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