Cat Shines When He’s No Longer Outside, and Starts Doting on Kittens, One of Them is Obsessed with Him

A cat really shone when he was no longer outside. He started doting on kittens, and one of them became obsessed with him.

cat hugs kitten orange

Mickey and LinkKristen Sterner

A few weeks ago, Kristen Sterner who fosters for St. Francis Animal Rescue, came across a post about a stray cat desperately needing a home.

“As soon as I saw him, I fell in love. I could tell that he was a little angel. I contacted the people and picked him up. He was very scared at first and would try to hide every chance he got,” Kristen told Love Meow.

“I just kept showing him that he was safe and loved. He eventually started to open up.”

friendly stray cat

Mickey was found living on the streetsKristen Sterner

Estimated to be two years old, the orange cat named Mickey came out of his shell and became the sweetest little gentleman.

He would spend his day doling out snuggles and kneading away in his soft, cushy cat bed. “He just wants someone to love him and be his best friend.”

happy cat kneading

He is very sweet and gentleKristen Sterner

“He loves head and cheek scratches, loves being pet, and is getting used to kisses more and more every day.”

When Mickey met his first foster kittens, he took them under his wing and started caring for them as if he knew just what they needed.

happy kneady cat mickey

He is a happy cat and constantly making “biscuits”Kristen Sterner

Even the spiciest or shyest kittens couldn’t resist Mickey’s charm. Whenever they needed a cuddle, Mickey would snuggle next to them to keep them company.

Early this month, an orange kitten named Link arrived in poor shape. He had been found outside, living alone as a sickly kitten. “He had a really bad upper respiratory infection, was covered in fleas and starving.”

cat cares foster kittens

Mickey is loving and nurturing towards foster kittensKristen Sterner

“After antibiotics, nebulizer treatments and lots of love, Link was finally feeling better.” As soon as he got some pep under his feet, he started moving and seeking affection.

When his “orange energy” was replenished in full, he would scamper around the playpen, looking for a buddy to roughhouse with. With Link being back to health, he was clear to socialize with other kittens and cats.

orphan kitten orange

Link was found outside as a lone orphaned kittenKristen Sterner

He was over the moon when he met a pair of foster calicos. “He started playing with them right away but was a little rough.”

Link was an unbridled little dynamo and went full-throttle when he played. The calicos couldn’t keep up with him and would squeak in protest against the rough and tumble. It soon caught Mickey’s attention.

orange kitten link

He was nursed back to health and regained his unbridled energyKristen Sterner

Mickey rose from the comfort of his bed and came running towards the ruckus. He got in between Link and the calicos and would step in every time Link was too rough.

Link immediately gravitated towards Mickey and was eager to be in his presence. He was excited to have a mentor as he tried to figure out how to be a cat.

cat orange kitten

Link immediately gravitated towards MickeyKristen Sterner

Mickey would keep watch of the kittens as they cavorted around the room. One day, Kristen walked in to find Mickey grooming Link in his arms while teaching him boundaries.

“He would play bite him and show him how to do it appropriately.”

cat hugs kitten orange

Mickey showed Link the ropes and taught him boundariesKristen Sterner

“Ever since then Link has been following Mickey around, watching him, cuddling with him and even playing together. He looks up to him as a father figure or a big brother.”

Link who was found without a mother and siblings, is thrilled to have a cat to model after. Mickey is so patient and loving towards every kitten and knows some of them could use extra attention and love.

cat hugs kitten sweet

Kristen Sterner

“Mickey and Link can typically be found cuddling, wrestling, grooming and having zoomies together. Link is never far from him and will trail behind him.”

cat cuddles kitten sweet

Kristen Sterner

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