Cat Runs Up to Guy Trailing Him Home, Shortly After He Finds Tiny Kittens in His House

A cat ran up to a guy trailing him home. Shortly after, he found tiny kittens in his house.

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A Good Samaritan was on his way home when he spotted a stray cat standing on the street, meowing at him. The moment he responded to the cat, she came running to him.

The cat was very friendly, rubbing against his legs, vying for his attention. She was circling around him every step he took while purring up a storm.

The man didn’t have the heart to leave her out to fend for herself, so he decided to help her.

stray cat

She was found outside as a friendly stray@kuwait_animal_aid

He lovingly named the cat Rosie, and reached out to a local animal rescuer, Alina Lazaryeva of Kuwait Animal Aid, for assistance.

“I asked him if he could care for Rosie temporarily until we could find her a foster home. He eagerly agreed,” Alina shared with Love Meow.

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The man who found her, took her in to foster@kuwait_animal_aid

There are many abandoned cats wandering the streets of Kuwait, but Rosie was one of the lucky ones. She quickly settled into her new space, and soon after, her rescuer was in for quite the surprise.

Alina noticed the cat’s big belly from a video that she received from the rescuer, and suspected that the cat was pregnant. Lo and behold, Rosie went into labor and brought four little kittens into the world, thankfully, in a comfy bed, with a roof over her head.

cat mom nursing kittens

They discovered that she was pregnant, and Rosie gave birth to four healthy babies@kuwait_animal_aid

“She knew she needed a safe place for her kittens and found a kind soul to help her,” Alina told Love Meow. “She gave birth at this man’s house shortly after she was rescued.”

Rosie was a wonderful mother right from the start, catering to her kittens’ every whim. Whenever her rescuer came to check on them, she was elated to get some head scritches and a much-needed break to stretch and refuel.

cat mom nursing kittens


Alina was able to find a foster home and welcome the family of five into their care. They saw the kittens reach their milestones and began preparing them for their forever homes.

The man was so glad that he stopped to help the stray that day. Not only did he save Rosie but also her precious four.

tiny kittens


The kittens grew by leaps and bounds in foster care, and they became playful, boisterous and independent little characters. Rosie started to spend more time with her people, reveling in their company, without a care in the world.

She was ready to retire from motherhood and be a happy house cat that she’d always wanted.

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Kuwait Animal Aid works with many partner rescues in the US to get these animals into great homes. “Rosie was lost in the streets but found a kind person to follow, who couldn’t leave her outside. She will get to live the great life she deserves.”

Two of her kittens were adopted locally, and the rest of the family were flown across the ocean to meet their happily-ever-after.

beautiful cat rosie


George, a member of Animal Friends of Connecticut, picked up Rosie from the airport and drove her to her new family who were anxiously awaiting her arrival.

The two other kittens found their loving humans through the generous help of a rescue group, Here, Have a Kitten.

cat home

Rosie, now Maui, has found her forever home@kuwait_animal_aid

Rosie, now renamed Maui, is living like a queen with her people who adore her to bits.

“She is the sweetest kitty. I’m shocked at how comfortable she was, moving in on the first day. She purrs all the time,” the adopter shared.

cat rosie forever home


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