Cat Picked Up as a Stray Immediately Wants Affection and Even Starts Helping Other Cats

A cat who was picked up as a stray, immediately wants attention from people and even starts helping other cats.

sweet cuddly cat

Arlo the cat@bestfriendsfelines

When Best Friends Felines was notified about a cat needing urgent rescue, they sprang into action. The cat with heterochromia (different colored eyes) had been found as a stray and brought to a shelter.

At around six years old, the friendly cat named Arlo desperately needed a foster home. The kind folks at Best Friends Felines took him in with open arms.

Amanda, a foster volunteer, came to pick him up. As soon as she petted him, Arlo started purring.

stray cat friendly


“He is super sweet and thrives on company and just wants to smooch and cuddle you. We have all fallen for him pretty quickly,” Best Friends Felines shared.

Arlo came with an unquenchable thirst and drank an enormous amount of water each day, which was a clear sign of an underlying condition.

sweet cat beautiful

Arlo has two different colored eyes@bestfriendsfelines

After running numerous tests and speaking to several specialists, they had a diagnosis. Arlo has an uncommon condition called diabetes Insipidus (water diabetes). “Basically, his brain tells him he’s thirsty all the time.”

“The vet mentioned this was probably why such a stunning cat was turned out to the streets and picked up as a stray.”

odd eyed cat arlo


To ensure the best quality of life, Arlo joined the rescue’s palliative foster program, so he would have access to a lifetime of care. “Through all his tests and trips to the vets, Arlo just smooched and loved everyone he met,” Amanda added.

“He loves attention and when you look as pretty as him, you can’t help but giving him love.”

cat in box


When Amanda introduced Arlo to three foster kittens, it didn’t take long for him to take a liking to them. He soon became their mentor, showing them the ropes and teaching them how to play like a big kitty.

They were often seen scampering around the house, playing chase with each other. “It’s great to see him acting like a kitten again.”

cat kittens friends

Arlo took the foster kittens under his wing@bestfriendsfelines

Over time, Arlo helped look after a number of kittens and watched them grow and graduate from foster care. Currently, he has two little proteges who follow him everywhere he goes.

“After play time, he loves to groom them and then settle down for a nap in one of his favorite places.”

cat snuggling kitten


Arlo adores his foster family and takes every chance to snuggle or cuddle with them, either on the couch or in bed. He revels in being the center of attention and will happily rub up against his people, soaking up the love.

“Arlo and my youngest daughter have a very special connection, and he loves me as I’m the food lady.”

snuggly cats sleeping


One of his favorite pastimes is lounging by the front door window and watching the day go by.

“Arlo has a quirky way of making biscuits. Instead of just his front paws, he marches in place with all fours till he has made his little nest. He has also taken to sleeping on my pillow when I go to bed and swish my face with his fluffy tail.”

fluffy snuggly cat


“He has certainly wiggled his way into our lives, and he knows that we will love him and look after him for as long as we can.”

sweet cat arlo


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