Cat is So Happy to Be Indoors His Face Lights Up and He Greets Everyone Around Him

A cat was so happy to be indoors. His face lit up, and he started greeting everyone around him.

happy cat stray

Tobias the cat@comrescuemontreal

Stefany and her mother, Johanne, have been assisting street cats in their neighborhood, getting them fixed and helping them find good homes.

In two years, they rescued over 15 cats, but every time they brought a cat inside, there seemed to be another one showing up in their backyard.

An elusive cream cat appeared one night, scrounging around for something to eat. He returned sporadically for food only when dusk fell.

stray cat hungry

He showed up on the patio for food one night@comrescuemontreal

After a while, the cat seemed to have worked up the courage to come for food in the morning and was even brave enough to approach the patio door.

“He was hungry and waiting to be the first to be fed,” Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montreal shared.

street cat rescued

He was taken off the streets@comrescuemontreal

The cat was still a bit shy but had grown more comfortable around Stefany and her mom. They set out a humane trap to bring him in, so he could have a chance at a better life.

It didn’t take long, and the sweet boy just walked right in. They brought him to a vet clinic to be evaluated.

cat finds help

Tobias had very sad eyes but was thankful to be safe@comrescuemontreal

“He had a pair of very sad eyes. He seemed exhausted when he was rescued. He was very calm in his crate and even started making little meows as if he wanted attention.”

The cat named Tobias was cleaned up and treated for an upper respiratory infection. With good food, proper care and a roof over his head, he came out of his shell and spent a lot of time sleeping and hanging out with people.

stray cat safe

He warmed up to his rescuers and started to purr@comrescuemontreal

“When he stayed with his rescuers, he gave them his first purrs. It was the sweetest thing.”

Once Tobias recovered from his kitty cold, he was neutered and received a full dental with the support from their local rescue, Chatons Orphelins Montreal.

cat cream happy

He really blossomed in foster care@comrescuemontreal

“He had all of his rotten teeth removed, and he healed up nicely afterwards. Now, he eats without any discomfort.”

Tobias thrived in foster care as the king of the house, and he got along swimmingly with other cats. “He loves being on the bed and purrs loudly next to his people,” Celine shared.

cat frog plushy


Those sullen eyes turned bright and wide. Over time, he put on a lot of healthy weight, and he would walk around the house with aplomb.

“He has made great strides since he was rescued.”

cat playing happy

He was playing like a kitten again@comrescuemontreal

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