Cat Has Never Left Her Kitten Since Day One, They Depend on One Another in a Beautiful Way

A cat has never left her kitten since day one. They depend on one another in a beautiful way.

cat mom kitten bonded, tabby cats

Joyce and EricaAngela @fosteringlove.pdx

A pregnant stray cat was brought into Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals (OFOSA) for a chance at a better life. She was lovingly named Joyce. A few days after arriving, she gave birth to a litter of kittens.

“Immediately you could tell Erica (tabby) was much bigger and stronger than her siblings. From day one, the others were monitored closely and extra care was given,” Christy, cat foster coordinator of OFOSA, shared with Love Meow.

Erica was a carbon copy of her mom, her mini-me. She and Joyce were inseparable from the day she was born. “Joyce responded to Erica’s every need and every noise.”

cat nursing kitten tabby

Angela @fosteringlove.pdx

Erica’s siblings were born with a slew of health issues. Despite the rescue’s best efforts and round-the-clock care to save them all, their condition declined, and Erica became the sole survivor of the litter.

Joyce spent almost every second with Erica, keeping her well fed, immaculately clean and loved. She watched over Erica every step of the way and would come running if she made a peep.

tabby cat kitten bonded

Joyce hovered over her kitten Erica everywhere she wentAngela @fosteringlove.pdx

When Joyce was taken to the vet for her much-needed dental, they thought she might spend some time on her own to recover, but as soon as she got home, she went to look for Erica.

“She didn’t want to be apart from her,” Christy shared.

cat mom kitten tabby, bonded pair cats

Angela @fosteringlove.pdx

When Erica was old enough to have her spay day, Joyce was not pleased during her absence, looking everywhere for her until Erica returned to be curled up next to her.

“From then on, they stayed together and will remain together.”

tabby cat kitten pair

They seem to be always cuddlingAngela @fosteringlove.pdx

Angela, a foster volunteer, recently welcomed the bonded pair into her care. While Erica was treated for a kitty cold, Joyce never left her side and would dote on her after each treatment.

“They are almost always together and I often find them cuddling and grooming each other,” Angela shared with Love Meow.

cat tabby kitten cuddles

Angela @fosteringlove.pdx

“Erica loves to follow her mama around, and she copies a lot of what Joyce does. If mama cat decides to use the scratching post, Erica will too. If Joyce wants to sit and look out the window, Erica will join her.”

kitten copies cat tabby

Erica follows in her mom’s paw-steps and imitates everything she doesAngela @fosteringlove.pdx

The kitten has bloomed into a young cat, but her mom still responds to her every whim. If she cries for any reason, Joyce will be there in an instant, grooming her and making sure that she’s okay.

cat bathes kitten tabby

Angela @fosteringlove.pdx

“Erica got spooked by the noise of a hairdryer and started crying. Joyce immediately came by her side to comfort her.”

If they are out of eyesight from each other, they will seek out one another until they are back together.

cat kitten tabby cuddles

Angela @fosteringlove.pdx

“Joyce is very sweet, calm and loving. Whenever I’m sitting down, she will climb into my lap, put her paw on my arm and start purring,” Angela added.

“Erica is very chatty and playful. Whenever she sees me, she will run up, meowing for either pets or food.”

tabby kitten smile

EricaAngela @fosteringlove.pdx

After everything they’ve been through, the mother and daughter are ready to find a good home. “My hope is for them to go to a forever home where they can stay together, forever.”

cuddly tabby cats, kitten hug

Angela @fosteringlove.pdx

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